Sunday, November 06, 2016


When we first moved here, and we got the neighbour's chickens visiting, I thought it was awesome!
Chickens!   How gorgeous.

ABOVE:  Now?  I'd like to shoot them.
Can I?  

Probably not, as their owner is a Cop.

But still, they are really pissing me off now.

My neighbour over the fence said she hated them chickens a while ago, and I really didn't understand why?

Now I do.  Those little buggers come over here and rake all the bark off my gardens and onto the lawns and paths.  I presume they are looking for food.

But... they sure don't put the bark back once they have made a fine mess of my gardens!

I'm getting ready to have a word with the neighbours about their lovely chickens.

*** Just for you Anne K, I have changed the colour.  ***

Maybe Stew can, he's way more diplomatic than me.  *smiles*

Today?  Hmmm... not too much planned until this afternoon.  I'm off to a Scentsy (sp?) party organised by Kelly.  I wouldn't mind getting a few more blocks of waxy, smelly stuff.  I'm getting sick of the one I have already!

So... that's it for now.   Don't worry, I won't shoot the chooks... for now.  


4.03 pm:  HI!  We all ended up going to the Scentsy party, except Stew.  He had to go and 'man' his company's stand at the Women's Expo in Rotorua.  Poor man.

The Scentsy party was nice, just a few ladies there today.

ABOVE:  I got to cuddle a 4 week old baby girl, the child of the consultant.  Very cute bubba.  Kelly is holding her here.

Did I get clucky?  HELL NO!

There were heaps of 'scents' to smell, I came away with a badly abused nose!  Some of those scents were friggin awful!   But I did manage to buy some more wax smelly's for the burner Kelly gave me and this:

ABOVE:  It's a diffuser, and it's really lovely. I love how it changes colour, reminded me of our spa pool lights in Auckland.

 ABOVE:  Kelly has a new-to-her car.  It's her run around town car.  Nice, but not something I would find handy.  I love my big car.

ABOVE:  This is Dexter.   He belongs to Amanda C, Kelly's friend.  The smelly party was at her home.  Dexter used to be a nice bird, but he escaped, and was lost for 6 weeks.  When they finally found him, he had undergone a personality change, and now he's HORRIBLE.  You dare not put your finger near him or he will bite you apparently.

He talks.  Bad words. 

So, a nice afternoon on a whole.
I'm cooking Bacon and Corn fritters for dinner.  Fingers crossed they are nice.

ABOVE:  Bacon and Corn fritters... were LOVELY!  

And that is all for today.


  1. Do you not have predators like foxes in New Zealand? I have chickens but I wouldn't dream of letting them roam into my neighbours' gardens. Apart from the danger to them, they can be very destructive. Can you tell the neighbour that you don't want them pooing on the lawn because of Keera and the little boys playing there? A simple bit of chicken-wire or netting should be enough to keep them out.

  2. No chicken predators except dogs and cats! I feel annoyed that we have to go to the expense of fencing THEIR chickens out of our yard. The responsibility should be on them to keep their chickens in their yard.

  3. Awww thanks Chris, colour much easier for these blurry eyes to see hehehe

  4. I can see the chickens would be a pain in the neck ... Can the fence between you and the neighbour be blocked with mesh discretely, to stop them getting through? Alternatively - maybe time to get a chicken coop - and encourage them to lay you some nice fresh eggs while visiting? Good luck with a solution :)

  5. Can't you report them to the council? Surely there is a by-law??? I'd be majorly pissed off. We have cats here that dig all over our garden and dig the soil onto the driveway etc. Not much I can do about frigging cats but I'm sure you can do something about those chooks!!

    1. Sorry I linked to the wrong Council :)

  6. LOL - I Love my chickens but I do not Love my chickens in my flowers or garden so that is why I keep them contained by hook or by crook. Those guys are not hard to contain because they do not FLY to the sky like my bantams can!

  7. Anonymous5:30 PM


    Maybe it isn't the same bird they got back ?


    1. I suggested that, but it swears exactly the same words, and looks exactly like their bird... so they are sure it's their Dexter. I doubt there are too many of that sort of parrot just 'found' in the Waikato. *smiles*

  8. Anonymous1:43 PM

    I love the diffuser and the colours very pretty, we had a bad parrot he was most vocal and tantrum thrower !! was hilarious to watch. It's me Blondie

  9. Maybe it's not the same bird lol. oh wait I see up above that someone said the same thing lol


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