Monday, November 21, 2016


Well... this morning is going to be a bit busy.

First up, get the kids to school/kindy.  Then take my Mum, sister and Brylee into Hamilton so they can get a hire car and go do their own thing for the day.

Then I will be coming home and getting all the washing done, tidy the house and so on.

So, I won't have much time right now to download all the photos  and put some on here.

Not that I took many photos!  Just a few of Mike and the mountains.

But, I will get around to them a bit later.




11.37 am:  And I've finally got home after taking Mum, Lorraine and Brylee into Hamilton to pick up a hire car.

They have now left for Tokoroa, where Mum will be getting new flowers for our family graves and visiting a friend.

I am home alone... about to hang out a huge amount of washing.


 ABOVE:  Mike greeting his Dad, after not having seen him in over 3 years!
See the BEARD!!!

 ABOVE:  Hugs for his Dad.

 ABOVE:  Hmmmm.... what's under that beanie???

 ABOVE: Brylee's reaction!

 ABOVE:  The BIG REVEAL !!!!!!!  He looks a bit like a Viking?

NONE of us like the hair... but it's his hair.... and he can have it any way he wants of course.  No hating on my boy.. OK?

 ABOVE:  We thought Griffin looked taller, but in hindsight, Mike has a tiny edge on him... even though Griffin's shoulders are higher.  They are built differently... so Griffin appears taller.   I think in another 6 months Griffin will surpass his Uncle Mike and catch up to Stew!

ABOVE:  Mike and his Grandma.  He looks way better without the beanie and without his hair out!

 ABOVE: Russell and Mike, my eldest and youngest sons.  Griffin is my youngest 'bonus' son.

 ABOVE:  Stew and I with our son Mike.  We love him no matter how his hair looks, no matter how long the beard grows!  *laughing*

 ABOVE:  Fresh snow on Mount Ruapehu...

 ABOVE:  And Mount Tongariro.

There was actually even more on Thursday when we travelled down to Palmerston North.

It was bloody cold too I might add.

ABOVE:  Mum and Dante last night.

ABOVE:  Me with Chris D and Sandra.  It was lovely to catch up with them... I miss them dreadfully.

Now, I better get on with the freakin' washing.

Well... I've been busy as!
Masses of washing done, housework, tidying up.

I'm off to Weight Watchers shortly, leaving Griffin to mind Keera as the family isn't home yet.

I've got pork belly roasting in the oven for dinner... should be good!

Dinner was wonderful... both Mum and my sister thought it was anyway.

I LOST 3.8 kilos this week!
I wasn't even trying.  I'm sure dropping the medication has helped tremendously.  

Time for signing off now.


  1. It's almost like a guessing game... what does Mike look like now? I'm picking long hair? Dreadlocks, tatoos,??? Hurry up with the photos :

  2. I'm with Lynda, can't wait to see Mike :-)

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Hi I think Mike has great hair !! I like longer hair and the beard is all the go too...handsome guy..


  4. 3 years.... NZ is not that big.... It's the matter of wanting.

    1. a) Was that comment really necessary? NO
      b) Is it any of your business? NO
      c) Do you know all the circumstances? NO

      And I have no intention of telling you anything else.

    2. Well said Chris

  5. I am loving the beard and hair but I am biased my dad had full head of hair and beard, BUT me boyfriend Charlie Faumina well nuff said fantastic photos that Griffin he be tall alright wow! I must say one of my cousins looks very much like mike in a way we have irish Scottish maori heritage..... some are chocolate some are milk chocolate then some are ginger and freckled and some are chocolate freckle and some just plain it is all lovely......

  6. Haha.... beards are in fashion and the hair tied back looks good. Great that you finally got to meet up again.

  7. I LOVE Mike's hair AND beard. He truly does look like a viking. My sons hair is longer than Mikes. He is 18 and in his first year of University. The last time he got a haircut (about 3 years ago) they cut it too short and it sent him into a depresive tizzy. I never took him for another haircut after that. His girlfriend was accusing him of looking like a mop. She wanted to cut his hair in the yard. Thank goodness, I was there and stopped it. I KNEW he didn't want it - but would do anything to please her. The way, I see it.... It takes 5 minutes to get a haircut - but years to grow it out like that! If they need or want a haircut in the future - easy. But for now they should enjoy their unique looks that they have spent years developing. Does the term LUMBERSEXUAL exist in New Zealand?

    A lumbersexual or urban lumberjack is a man who has adopted style traits typical of a traditional lumberjack, namely a beard, plaid shirt, and scruffy hair, substituting otherwise clean-cut and fashionable style choices.

  8. I love Mike's hair and beard! Any girl would be jealous of a head of hair that luscious ;).

    Glad you got to see him xxx

  9. LOVE the hair & beard, especially the colour :-)

  10. Look at Dante's hair! He looks so clean cut! What a cutey! I can not believe the BLUE EYES GENE that runs in your family! Beautiful!

    1. Haha Dante acually needs a hair cut we just trim the fringe so it keeps out of his eyes. But thank you and yes those eyes my boys are very lucky to get that gene xx

  11. I like the hair and beard.... it's just fashion. He'll probably look back in 20 years and shudder LOL. My hair in the 80's was ridiculous. His hair colour is just gorgeous: I pay a fortune trying to duplicate it LOL

  12. Mike is beautiful, unique and proud. His hair looks very clean and pretty but I agree it looks nice tied back. That must have been so good for Mike and Stew to catch up.

  13. Mike is a doll and he really does resemble a Viking , now that you mention it. All of your children are so beautiful, as are you and Stew too.

  14. Woohoo 3.8 kilos - well done :-)

  15. I love Mikes look! I have a wee boy who loves his hair long and it freaked me out a bit the one time he requested it cut short! Also I'm jealous that Mike appears to have such thick hair - what's his secret ;)

  16. Great pics!
    Your family is beautiful Chris 😊
    Mike reminds me of Teen Wolf!

  17. Lol photo of him face on my first thought was he looks like Jesus with a beard. Lol.

  18. What a very handsome young man, another one who is a credit to you both. It is great to see your family photos you all look so happy. As for negative comments from people, I wish they would get themselves a life and leave people to get on with theirs. Jealousy is not a nice thing to have.

  19. Woohoo congrats on the weight loss!

  20. Your son is a Viking!

  21. Well done on the weight loss! That is awesome! Amazing what our bodies can do at times.
    And I think Mike looks great! Alan's son is very similar to Mike with the long hair and beard :)

  22. Great weight loss Chris

  23. Anonymous2:13 PM

    well done on the loss! fab photo's as usual! I like Mike's look!!!

  24. Ah it's just hair! That's the style now, the big beards. Trevor's hair is longer now too. It's so funny the things people say. Like having long hair makes you a girl or something WTH stupid.

  25. Oh my gosh! I just saw your son with his beautiful hair!! That colour is just gorgeous! Very viking like - there is just something about red hair that is so cute! :)

    Melissa in Oz


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