Friday, November 18, 2016


Well.... our 'youngest' boy hits 15 today!

And we are busy getting ready to leave for Palmerston North.

The house is humming, heaps going on.

Thank goodness my car is fit for driving all that way!

Yesterday was a nightmare for me.  I felt sick that I had damaged our car AGAIN!  Third time.  Hopefully the last time.

So, while outside yesterday afternoon, I checked on my broccoli.  It was looking pretty good last weekend...

ABOVE:  Can you believe it!   WOW, I'm thrilled to bit with how big they are getting.
Clearly having a vege garden in the Waikato is GREAT!
Last time I grew veges this well was WAY, WAY back when we lived in Te Awamutu!  That was 29 years ago.

Right, I better go... heaps to do.

I will TRY to do an update or two during the day, let ya know how our trip is going.


...well... on the desert road. 8 degrees so fairly cold. new snow on the mountains.... quite a lot too! 

We will be stopping at Taihape for lunch. glad I bought  warm sweater!

Taihape...and I'm busting for a piddle. so we park and start walking towards the toilets....and OH... THERE'S A FABRIC SHOP!!!!

All urges to pee leave the building... and we divert into the fabric shop!   I did a quick grab then left Stew to pay and took off to the loo. 😊😊😊

We are now going to have lunch in the Soul Cafe before checking out the other shops.

Safely in Palmy. done some shopping.... the 15 yr olf forgot undies! 

Can you imagine the stench in our car if he had 3 day old undies on when we were travelling home on sunday!!!  OH HELL NO...I bought him more.

Well we have spent the evening at my friend Sandra's. Mike and Joyce visited us T Sandra's too. that was neat.

Time for bed.



  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Happy, happy birthday Griffin! He always seems like such a sweet kid
    Christine in Kansas

  2. Happy born day Griffin. Hope you have a fun day.. love Auntie Kelly

  3. Happy Birthday to Griffin. Hope it's a great day. Safe travels Chris and enjoy the weekend.

  4. Happy Birthday to Griffin!! Have a safe trip :-).

  5. Happy Birthday Griffin! Nothing like getting underwear for your birthday eh?

    I hope you all have a lovely weekend :)

  6. HEY WOW. Griffin is almost three months exactly younger than "Emperor." Emperor is a freshman, and that means grade 9. You graduate after grade 12. Not sure how much longer Griffin has? Emperor will be done with high school May/June 2020 and hopefully go on to college after. And he would prolly forget underwear, too, but he's excellent with checklists? :)

  7. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Way great looking broccoli Cambridge is as always amazing vege growing territory just the right temps! WOW Happy Birthday Griffin I do hope you have had a neat day welcome to the socks undies hankies birthday buzz from here on in. It's me Blondie


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