Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Today, at 9 am I am going to my first Aqua class here in Cambridge.

I'm REALLY looking forward to it.

My Mum, sister and Brylee will be staying home.

Once I get home I think we are going back into town.  More shopping I think.

Some photos of yesterday:

 ABOVE:  The small kids eating dinner on the lawn last night.

 ABOVE:  family snaps taken by my Mum.

 ABOVE:  My sister Lorraine.  She's looking great!

ABOVE:  I fed the kids cream straight out of the can!  They loved it.  FUN.

ABOVE:  I found this lovely photo of Mike and Joyce on my Mum's camera...she's a gorgeous girl.  

And that is all for now.


Aqua was really neat! There was about 35 of us and everyone was lovely and friendly.

Home to a house with no power. no hot shower for me.

We are now in town getting lunch...Mum and Lorraine NEED hot coffees 😊.

2.30 pm:  And we are home from town (Cambridge).  I'm starting to ache!  Especially my hips.  Aqua sure did SOMETHING!

As I said earlier, the ladies there were just LOVELY, so many smiling faces, so many willing to help a 'newbie'.  I just loved it.
I will be taking Brylee with me next time I go so she can have a swim.

It's a stinking hot day today! Not a cloud in the sky.  Lovely if you're in a pool!  Oh how I wish we had a pool.  😓  Never mind, we got everything else on our 'wish list' with our gorgeous new home.

I have to pick Keera up in an hour, then it will be time to get dinner ready.  I THINK Lacy is coming out today to see Keera, her Grandma and her Aunty Lorraine.

Well our dinner has gone well... and it's wind down time here.
Lacy is bathing Keera and then I will be trimming Miss Muppet's fringe (bangs).


  1. Your family look lovely as always, but especially Lorraine! She looks very well,hope that is the case! Glad you enjoyed aqua class xo

  2. So glad you enjoyed Aqua, and it is another good way to meet other people indoor community :-).

  3. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Go you Aqua is the new thing and water spin classes?! Lovely pics as always and Joyce looks so beautiful.... It is hot hot hot down our ways too... lovely OUR big pool aka the Lake is getting a hammering yesterday and today.. I might even get in the Lake like SOON! It's me Blondie

  4. Keera is really growing up! Wow.

  5. Anonymous4:44 AM

    Is it mr, or does Joyce has a moutache?

  6. I'm glad that the aqua went well! Sounds like some good exercise and social time too :)


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