Tuesday, November 08, 2016


I'm feeling a bit dejected about my dreams of making plum jam this summer.

Our trees have very little fruit on them.  Not sure if they were pruned too harshly, or the winter winds stopped the flowers getting pollinated?  

One tree has maybe 5 plums on it!  

ABOVE:  And this tree has maybe two or three branches that seem to have quite a few fruit growing on them, but most of the tree has none.  Boo hoo.

ABOVE:  I was looking at the plant in front of the tall Atlantis pot, trying to think what it was?
Then it came to me... it was a bloody weed!

Stew came along and must have agreed, cos he pulled it out of the garden.  Then he carried on replacing the sand with concrete between the new pavers.  

Today I'm going into Hamilton for my Patchwork group at Donna's Quilt Studio.  I'm going to continue doing the hand stitching on Keera's quilt, I should have it finished by the end of the day.

I can't wait to see it on her bed all finished.

Right, that's all for now.


Stupid weather!  It's been like an early summer for weeks now, but today?  OMG it's freezing!

I've put long tights and socks/sneakers back on.  

Off to patchwork soon... made Brylee get out of bed early.  I've given her a small list of jobs to do, just two things.  I wonder if they will be done by the time I get home?

Miracles do happen right?

Now that I've sat down, all my energy has gone.
Weight watchers last night, I gained 3 kilos over the past 2 months.  It could have been worse.

I'm going to try a different strategy, small and often.  I've never actually done that before.  It's worth a go.

One of my biggest problems is over eating, portion sizes and bad choices.  So, I shall work on one 'problem' at a time.  Portion sizes.  If I go 'small and often' I won't get to the point of being starving, and then over eat.

STARTING TODAY. Oh and I suppose a small biscuit every couple of hours isn't going to cut it eh? lol   I shall be investing in some nice snacks, fruit, nuts and so on.

Any suggestions happily accepted.

ALMOST finished Keera's quilt!  I've got half a side left to stitch down.  It will be on her bed tonight.

And I found some of the purple fabric (in Keera's quilt), at Donna's Quilt Studio, so I will be making her a pillow case in purple now.  Yaaa.

Lunch time.  I'm going to have a sandwich I think.

Lunch was a sandwich, and nothing else. 

The afternoon became very hot and ikky... to the point where I felt quite ill.  Heat and I do not mix.

Dinner was pasta with chicken and bacon, I had a very MODEST amount.  And it was enough.

I am going to hit 'repeat' for tomorrow!  I feel much better with less in the belly.

Time to sign off for today... last thing... I got the quilt finished.  It's going on Miss Muppet's bed tomorrow. 


  1. Have an awesome day my friend

  2. You will have to just do small batch artisan organic gourmet boutique jam - sounds fancier anyway :-). Maybe they are just late bloomers. Next year ou will probably have so many you will never want to see another plum.

  3. 'Artisan organic gourmet boutique jam'.... Bloody hell, did you run out of descriptive words then? ha ha ha!

  4. Almonds! I snack on them most days. They are easy to carry around, healthy, filling. The protein in them keeps hunger at bay. The "small and often" theory does seem to work. I think JLo does it ha ha ha. Overeating is my problem too. Sometimes I just stop and ask myself "am I really hungry or just bored/lonely/angry/stressed" and it's usually the latter. Emotional eating: the worst thing for a slimmer. Christy xxxx

  5. I don't know if you like dates, but the fresh medjool ones are delicious. Zero WW smart points and they are lovely and sweet but you can't eat too many of them because they are quite intense.

  6. Anonymous10:29 AM

    no haters about the Honda today...... yet lol oh we are not feeling the love or lack of it lol xx #2 :)

  7. Barbara Anne10:38 AM

    At my tender age of 65 with a fatigue disorder that makes exercise impossible, I steadily gained weight. Last June I decided to drink mostly water (sometime with sugar-free lemonade mixed in) for meals and when hungry and to have smaller portions of meat and carbohydrates but also a small side salad for dinner. Lunch was 1/2 sandwich as usual (since I'm short) and I slowly lost 10 lb. I'd like to lose at least 15 lb more, but it is difficult to drink water when the weather is getting colder. I prefer sweet tea so will be drinking black coffee, caff in the morning and de-caf in the evening instead.

    My lovely MIL was on diets for most of her life and said she'd calculated she'd lost herself 5 times in her 80 years! Her wise advise was to enjoy a slow weight loss as anything done quickly cannot be maintained.

    Love Keera's joy-joy quilt! I'm a quilter, too. Isn't it too much fun?

    Wishing you well -

  8. Plum trees are like that, in my experience - one or two years with hardly any fruit, the next year a glut and you have more fruit than you know what to do with. It all evens out in the end.

  9. Anonymous1:18 PM

    There is an app for your phone - My Fitness Pal - you track your food and exercise on it, just makes it a bit more fun. Water is really important too (I know YUK) Good Luck

  10. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Plums are fickle once it starts fruiting and fruiting well I bet you be gifting/giving them away. I know at the moment I am not eating enough I need to add morning snack and arvo snack but at least I'm maintaining. It's me Blondie

  11. Smaller plates do actually work, I don't necessarily mean eating off a bread & butter plate but just have smaller dinner plates. I also find ones with a boarder seem to work better as the actually useable plate size is smaller than one which is all plain.

  12. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I second my fitness pal & almonds & water LOL And smaller plates!

    Love the quilt. So Pretty!!!!!!!

    Love plum jam - best pre long run fuel on nut butter on half a muffin :-) :-) :-)

  13. If you want to make plum jam I'm. Sure we will have enough to share with you.

  14. I hate when the weather is doing the flip flops like that. It's kind of like that here right now too. I keep struggling with my weight and not caring much until I look in the mirror haha. I've been doing a "challenge" for weeks and have gained and lost the same 2 pounds so at least I'm staying the same and not gaining more.

  15. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Try Lynda's technique on how to lose weight. I tried and lost 7 kilos. I think she looks fabulous.
    Anita Khan, Bradford, UK


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