Saturday, November 19, 2016


Well.... using me phone to blog means no colours... no nothing.  Oh well... at least I can still do something!

It's been a long, uncomfortable night.  I saved money by booking us into 'budget' accommodation.... and OMG, never again!

The bed is like A ROCK! And it's noisey as. There is someone making a loud tapping noise riğht now... no idea what it is.

And this building HUMS. It's weird. It's an old commercial building that's been converted into budget accommodation.

Lesson learnt? Spend more and be comfortable!

The wedding is today... 3 pm. which means we have all morning to do what we want. We are having morning tea with my friends then we are going to do a bit of shopping.

The kids want to see our old house here... so we'll do that too.


Yesterday was a lovely day.

Today it's wet and cold-ish.

Brylee got lost coming back from the mall. our accommodation is in clear sight of the mall! Give me strength not to throttle her... Stew's had to go and find her and my Mum

FRAZZLED... and sick of having to hide my phone so Mum doesn't get mad at me for being on it. I've had to put it on mute.
Let's hope this wedding is lovely and everything goes well.

Outdoor wedding.... in intermittent rain. photos... in the rain.   Wet feet. Wet hems.  Going back to motel asap to get changed into tights,warm top, sneakers and SOCKS!

As I said the other day... there will be no photos.

When I get home I will post photos of MY KIDS only... Mike especially. He is looking.... WELL...DIFFERENT!


  1. Give Anne a hug from me if u get a chance to see her

  2. Sorry to hear that you had such an uncomfortable night. I must agree that often you do have to pay a wee bit more more the comfort factor. I find the reviews on Booking.Com and Trip Advisor really helpful in determining the comfort level of accommodation options. I hope you have a good day catching up with friends and family :)

  3. Haha, Brylee sounds like Siobhan, she would be the one getting lost after travelling in a straight line, must be something about teenage girls :-)

  4. Im definitely not a teenager and I can lose my car in a carpark that I visit all the time. I actually bought a bright green car so it is easier to spot :-/

  5. Yeah cheap hotels aren't worth it. When my mom and I went on our trip we stayed at some not so great ones lol.


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