Thursday, November 10, 2016


Well, thanks to the friggin stinking hotness that was yesterday afternoon, the sewing room became the 'dumping room'.

So, once I get the kids off to kindy and school, I will be home sorting out that stuff.

Once that room is tidy again, I hope to make the curtain for the garage door windows.  Then who knows?  I might make those pillow cases for Keera's bed.

I will get a photo of her quilt, on her bed, once I've got a matching pillow case done.

I did a bit of Christmas shopping yesterday on top of the other stuff.  I think I've pretty much done all my Christmas shopping now, and it's all paid for... which is bloody neat.  

I vowed a few years ago to never end up having to pay off Christmas presents till half way through the next year again, and I've managed to do that!  It's such a good feeling.

How are all of YOU doing with the Christmas shopping?  Done it, half done, not at all?  
There's only 6 and a half weeks left to go!

And on that note, I shall bugger off and get moving... breakfast for the small kid, make her lunch, get her dressed and all that jazz.


OH!  And just a thought... I  know diddly squat about USA's politics, but I do know one thing.  BUILD A WALL... good luck with that one Donald, I will look forward to seeing you build it, it's going to do so much good for your country ... YEAH RIGHT. Sure, millions of people in the USA wanted CHANGE, but DONALD TRUMP???  How many other people in the world cannot BELIEVE yesterday's result?  Nuts.  (My opinion only, of course)

WOW..... I've had the BEST day already... I'll be back shortly to tell you all about it.

Yesterday, when I was leaving the Doctors, I had to hand in some swabs for testing at the MedLab, which is in the same building as the Doctor's.

Because I was all hot and bothered and felt ill, I somehow managed to put the wrong vials in the MedLab's after hours chilly bin.  

I didn't realise my mistake until today, so I had to go back to the Doctor's today.

All good, the tests were done again, and I had to sit and wait at MedLab for a while.

And well... I was admiring some paintings on their walls.  Then I realised they were actually for sale.  I really wanted them!

So I checked it out with Stew first, and he said "YES",  after seeing the photos of them I sent him.

I talked to one of the lab technicians, and she said she would talk to the artist and find out if she could get me a discount for BOTH of them.

Yep, I fell in love with two paintings in their waiting room!

Well... can you believe the artist said I could buy them for HALF PRICE!   I was thrilled to bits, as you can imagine.

So now, I just have to find the perfect place for them!

I will show you them tomorrow, once they have homes on me walls.  *smiles*

Well I've hung the new paintings and am really thrilled with them.  They will be on tomorrow's blog post.


  1. I agree with your opinion!!

  2. I think it's totally nuts the Donald Trump won but then... was there really a choice? Bernie Sanders should have been the Democrat's choice.

    YES - I have done all my Christmas shopping.. and all the birthdays too (which are all from now on until February). I did most of my shopping online this year which made it so easy. It's not that I wouldn't buy at the shops, it's just that the items I bought were twice and much in the shops or simply not available. It's a great feeling :)

  3. I am in Canada and dumbfounded. It's crazy. It's a bad dream. It's surreal.

  4. Im totally with you. Makes me feel really sad and dismayed!

  5. Not only have I not done a scrap of Xmas shopping I don't even know what I'll be getting when I do get around to shopping decorations for Xmas that is sorted but present can't be bothered

  6. I hope the crazy idiot builds a wall around a padded room and walls himself in.

  7. Most people lol. BUT I do know a lot of "older" people that think he's just great. They are also the kinds of people that have no filter haha. He's not going to build a wall. I will be gobsmacked if it ever happens.

  8. Oh and I've been making presents for the nieces and nephews (I know you've seen them lol) I have all their pillow cases done just need to make their book marks and sort out what books I'm giving them. I also want to get a small stuffed animal to put in the pocket with the books so I need those still too. Just have to get the older nephew something and then my kids.

  9. No showing yet for Xmas. Money all saved and budget amounts known, just need to spend it all now. As for USA Argh!!!!!

  10. I have bought 1 present - it's a start. I know what I am getting my son and husband apparently wants a tattoo so that is easy. I will look at writing a proper list this weekend then start buying stuff that is not on the list so I have to add & subtract stuff so it all works out evenly. At 19 & 16 I still have to do Santa sacks!!

    1. My 19 & 14 still love there Santa sacks too.

  11. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Hi Chris I also agree with you. It is a sad day for America and the world.


  12. Sorry gals, our candidates this year were not great. I just could not vote for Hilary because A. She wanted to take away our guns to defend ourselves , B. She stands behind GMO's that poison all of us and also help kill our bees, C. She let some of our fellow country men die without lifting a finger to save them, D. She had ties to sex trafficking of children , E. She told big whopping lies . Our country is really in a sad fix- so we just have to give it a try? None of our candidates are perfect - they are just all human beings . I have been working on Christmas all year long and still on I go. ~smile~ Finished a little crochet hat of a cat today. Not thrilled with it but it is kinda cute. Good for you Chris- wonderful work on your Christmas on a job well done!

    1. Hugs to you!!! This was the most difficult election I've ever seen in my life time, and I think in history!!!

  13. Anonymous5:07 PM

    haha Ma your such a dick lol xx #2

  14. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Webbsaway so you would rather have a man who disrespects women? is a racist, bigot homophobe? really in 2016 OF all the fabulous people in AMERICA those 2 were the picks sheesh WE ARE NOT laughing with you WE ARE LAUGHING AT YOU! Your circus your monkeys!

    Chris you are such a jammie buggar getting bargins lucky you. I have done 1/4 of xmas stuff. It's me Blondie

    1. Blondie, I know you are a good person, but it's not exactly within Webbsaway's control that those were the only two options! She got to vote, not pick the candidates, and she is right, neither option was really any good at all! I'm not laughing at them, I'm thinking of the majority of Americans who didn't really have much choice.

  15. Can't wait to see the artwork, worth having to get bloods redone - and we all know how much you love that :-)

  16. I have yet to start Christmas shopping, although I promise myself every single year to get it done early. Somehow it never gets done till the last moment. Wishing my American neighbours all the best with their decision.

    Looking forward to seeing the artwork.


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