Thursday, November 24, 2016


Today my darling niece Rowena is calling in on her way back to Auckland, and later on Australia.   She will have her husband (Dave) and wee boy, Charlie with her.  Charlie is a couple of days older than our Archer.

They are picking up my sister Lorraine on their way.  Dave flies back tomorrow, and Lorraine, Rowena and Charlie fly back to Australia on Saturday.

So, it will be awesome to see them again, and show them our new home.

My Mum flies back to Australia on Sunday.

I just got quotes in for security screen doors, and I have ordered one for the front door and one for the family room sliding door.

In a couple of months they SHOULD arrive.  After they arrive, I will order one for our bedroom's sliding door too.  As I expected, they are twice as expensive as I thought they would be... TYPICAL.

But, once we have them we will be more comfortable in the house, and more secure too.

ABOVE:  this is how the doors will look.  The front door will be hinged, and the other two, for the  family room and our bedroom, will be sliding.   Can't wait!

4.15 pm:  And phew, it's been a busy day.
First up, kids to school/kindy, then off to Hamilton so my Mum could return her hire car.  Then back home to bake scones for lunch.

Only, I did them wrong and they came out like rock cakes!  First time I've buggered them up in YEARS.  So a quick dash down to the local shop for some food for lunch.

Rowena, Dave and Charlie arrived ... so we had a nice visit.  Charlie is adorable... and of course Rowena and Dave are too.   

They left after lunch, taking my Sister Lorraine with them.  

Next time I see them will probably be next June, when Stew and I (all going well), will be going over to visit them.

 ABOVE:  I cut Keera's hair last night, just the front.

 ABOVE:  Brylee, Rowie and Lacy.  All gorgeous girls.

 ABOVE:  Rowie with her mum, Lorraine.

 ABOVE:  Lunchtime, Rowie was starving.  She's expecting a wee baby early May next year.  Exciting!

ABOVE:  That's Dave, Rowie's husband.

I took a little video of Charlie dancing to The Wiggles.  Hopefully I can get it to upload later on... if I can, I will add it to tomorrow's post.  He's super cute.

ABOVE: This is Charlie ... taken a few days ago.
He's the same age as Archer.

Tonight I'm making home made pies, using left over Spaghetti Bolognese mince mixture from the other night.


9 pm and it's finally quiet in the house.  The big kids are in their rooms doing their own thing, Mum is in the lounge talking to her man Ron, Keera is asleep and Stew and I are watching some tv.

All is good here.  


  1. Are you making anything this year that I can give mother in law for Christmas? In years past, I bought cards and Mug rugs.

    1. No sorry chick... nothing this year. Thanks for the thought though. *smiles*

  2. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Wow Brylee Rowena and Lacy could pass as sisters!! you know your house is always a hive of activity how nice how was the bod today after the Aqua aerobics? It's me Blondie

    1. Not too bad thanks Sharon. 😊

  3. Love Miss Keera's hair, you did a great job on her fringe.
    And love the pic of Brylee, Rowie and Lacy….can see they family :-)

  4. Looks as though things are jumping at your place. Enjoy your company.

  5. Wow she looks so much like Lacy and Brylee!


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