Thursday, November 17, 2016


Looking forward to today.
My Mum arrives here again.  This time she is being brought down by her youngest sister, Ethel, and Ethel's hubby Frank.

We used to live just around the corner from Frank and Ethel in Auckland.

They just bought a new car, and wanted to take it for a drive, and also see our new home.

I expect them late morning, which will give me plenty of time to get the house all pretty and tidy.

Wish I'd got the kids to vacum yesterday!  It was on the list to do, but somehow they managed to get to bed without doing it.


So, that's me for now, I'm off to plump cushions, vacum and so on.


I don't even want to talk about it:

ABOVE:  I misjudged the angle coming out of the turning bay in my car.  The brick and concrete letterbox defended itself.  The letterbox won.

Insurance sorted, excess paid, panelbeaters taped up rear panel.  It's roadworthy.

We can still go to Palmerston North tomorrow.


I am now going to sit in the naughty corner.

Well... my Mum arrived with Frank and Ethel. We had a nice visit... then Frank and Ethel left.

Since then we have been yakking and so on.  Bex and the boys have arrived so now it's a mad house here.

Now as most of you know, if my Mum is here with us, I can't 'blog' much.
She does not approve.  So ... my updates will be sparse for a while.

I will be away for the next three days (Fri - Sun) so posts will be done on my phone, so even more sparse ... sorry.

Photos will probably have to wait until I get home again.

I don't think I will even be taking my laptop with me.  Too much hassle.

So, bear with me, I'll be back on Monday with a proper post.



  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    oh mum.....ill fix that :) #2

  2. I once backed out of the garage with the car door open and did a bunch of damage!

  3. Bugga At least there are no injuries and the car is driveable.

  4. When I was much younger I had just got a new truck and backed it into the pole on one of those Monster signs at a fast food place????????????? Broke my heart. Darnest things happen and in a split second-no matter how careful you are being. At least you were not hurt-that is the good part-machines can be fixed.

  5. Oh dear mum... bit of a paint job and a panel push and she'll be right.

  6. Ohhh shit! Not a good start to the day. I agree with the above: at least you are OK x

  7. Eeek .... Glad no-one was hurt though.

  8. Bugger - tag least you know that letterbox os damn sturdy :-)

  9. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Bugger! Glad you're OK!!!

  10. The other half did one side of my car taking out his mums letterbox then I did the other side and then I blew my tyre out over correcting for some idiot who pulled out and I hit the island. Phew! All in one day! You can only laught x

    1. Bloody hell! Shit happens I suppose.

  11. I would let someone else do the driving this weekend. Have a good time together and celebrate in style. Helen in France

  12. Will miss your updates but have a great weekend with your family :-)

  13. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Can you add a turnaround pad in the front before heading out so you are front ways? if that makes sense or back into garage? either way ouchies... Happy travels enjoy your time away. It's me Blondie

  14. Mum does not approve?? Are you cerial???

  15. DOH! That sucks on your car :(


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