Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Lots to do today.

Hang a monster load of washing outside, well... what I didn't get hung out last night that is.

Then off to Hamilton to get a few bits 'n' bobs.

Then once home I shall be make Keera's pillow cases, two at least.

And also a curtain for the garage windows... cos I haven't done that yet. 

There's always something to do eh? Sometimes I say I'm going to do a specific thing TODAY, but it actually doesn't get done for a week!

Life and 'stuff' can be so distracting.

Never mind, it's all good.  I love being busy, having stuff lined up to do.  

One thing I find myself doing... like last night... DE-CLUTTERING!

Since we de-cluttered our Auckland house SO MUCH, I've come to like the less cluttered look!
Last night I cleared the kitchen bench a bit, cos it was starting to look cluttered.

Funny how your tastes and other things change over time.  I still hate pumpkin though.


ABOVE:  There's a small kid and a dog under there.  Tallulah just LOVES playing with Keera... it is so weird how much that dog likes her.

Before they hung out under the couch, there were running around and around the kitchen island with a cuddly blanket... Tallulah was either sitting on it getting a free ride, or they were playing tug of war with it!  So.  Bloody. Cute.

Right, I'm off to get that friggin washing out.  Hope it doesn't rain.


1.01 pm:  finally back from town.  Blistering hot out there today.  

 ABOVE:  'Stuff' I got this morning.  New bathroom set for our ensuite.  Curtain wire (finally!), candles, flowers and some new fabric.

ABOVE:  I will be making a small quilt for some little girl's bed.  For a birthday next year.  Won't say who, let it be a surprise.

What else did I get up to?  I got about 8 inches cut off my hair!  Well overdue for a good 'trim'.
Feels great too.

Well, I'm glad you asked for a hair photo... cos I wouldn't have seen how UN-straight it is otherwise.

ABOVE:  Clearly not straight across the bottom.  I'm quite pissed off about that.  As you can see, the pink and purple streaks turned green when I put a brown dye in my hair.
Not that I care much about that.

Just spent ages at the Doctors (won't say why), but it was so stuffy and hot in there I almost threw up!  Tired now... drained by the heat.

So we had takeaways for dinner, there was no way I felt like cooking!   I had the air con on for a few hours and it certainly helped.

Now it's time to wrap up for the day.


  1. I love how Keera is great at amusing herself :-). A great skill for any kid and reduces the "I'm BORED" mantra of school holidays.

  2. Anonymous2:40 PM

    oh photo of substantial hair loss please x #2

  3. Yes please, hair photos.

  4. Anonymous5:16 PM

    what the shit, was the hairdresser drunk or something..... and why were you at the doc..... for you or.....tell me or I'll come out there and sit on you and lick you till you tell me xx #2

  5. Don't forget a picture of the quilt on Keeras bed. That will be darling. Hope all is well with Doctor.

  6. Anonymous8:34 PM

    gosh a hair cut is right that's a whole heap off perhaps go back and ask for it to be corrected.... Hope nothing too serious at doctors. Lovely bright fabric pieces. It's me Blondie

  7. Omg was the hairdresser drunk.. I hope you or what eve the reason you were at the doctors for sooo long is ok...or I will be out on Saturday to ask Qs. Can't hAve my mum or other family members be not well...... love the fabric... Rena would live that fabric might have to get some myself.

    1. All good at Dr's, nothing for you to worry about. Rena has her quilt from me... and there is no more of that fabric, I got the last of it.

  8. That's disappointing for you that the hairdresser didn't do a great job on cutting your hair straight. I hope you're going to go back and ask her to correct it. I also hope you're okay (Dr visit). Oh ... and I loved Keera's creativity in the lounge - I remember making blanket huts etc when I was little too.

    1. I won't be going back, she might cut off too much next time! I ain't going to risk it. As for the Dr's visit, it should be all good, it wasn't my health that was the issue.

  9. I would be interested in detailed instructions on how to "De-Clutter". It does not involve (gasp) throwing anything away, does it?!??!

    1. Yes it does! I took approximately 15 or more car loads to the Hospice Shop! And some to the dump too. It's good for the soul Mark.

    2. OH and how to de-clutter? If you haven't used it in over 2 years, get rid of it. If it's just an ornament and you don't LOVE LOVE LOVE it, get rid of it. It is doesn't fit, get rid of it. If it's not enriching your life in any way, get rid of it. Get the drift? *smiles*

  10. Interestingly I've never had a even haircut before. Neither has my son, daughter or hubs. It must be very hard to cut hair evenly. I've always accepted it as normal.

    1. Anonymous8:01 AM

      well you kinda just cut it straight.....its sorta that simple.....geeesh I can do it and I'm pretty stupid lol xx #2

  11. I need to go get my hair trimmed but it got so effed up last time I'm scared to go lol. Funny how dogs choose their person. I'm glad they get along so well.


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