Tuesday, November 01, 2016


Yaaa, another day I get to go and sew in lovely company.

Today's group is in Hamilton, so once I drop Keera off at Kindy, I will be heading into town.

I will be working on Keera's quilt today, quilting it.  Hopefully I will make some good progress on that.

Now, before I forget them again.... I've got a collage of some photos I took at the craft fair a week or so ago!  I totally forgot them.

There was this older man who was displaying a model he was working on, it was a scale model of the Anglican Church here in Cambridge, it was AMAZING!

ABOVE:  The model had taken over 18 months to get to this stage, and would probably take another year or so to finish!  Once finished, the maker was going to donate it to the community.  Such dedication to his work, it was incredible to see all the detail!

There's some very clever people out there eh?

OK, time to go.  Catch ya later.


Well I just checked the calendar, and there is NO patchwork group on today.  I got my weeks muddled up.  Donna (the tutor and shop owner) is away until next week.  It's been a funny 4th term as Donna has gone to the USA to attend a 'Fabric Convention'.  So we have 2 weeks on/2 weeks off all the way through this term.  Makes it fairly disjointed, and easy to get the weeks muddled up.

Oh well, I shall still go to Hamilton.  Might have a browse around Grandmother's Garden in Gordonton too.

3.47 pm:  Well I've had a busy day so far.
I did go into Hamilton, and Gordonton.  Found a couple of Christmas presents, but got no fabric!

Bit of a miracle that.  lol

At The Base, I managed to avoid being backed into ... but only just! Silly woman just backed out of her carpark, right into me.  The only reason she missed me was because I could swerve into some empty carparks on my left.  If they'd had cars parked in them, I would have been smashed into!

Gave me a bit of a fright that did. 

Feeling out of sorts this afternoon.  Not sure why.  Just feel bla.  I think the kids are the same, they are all grumpy.  

I'm cooking them an early dinner, Stew won't be home till a bit later than 'normal' as he's in Rotorua today.

I'm going to sign off early today.  I doubt much else will be happening worth noting today.  *smiles*


  1. Wow what a project that church is!

  2. wow wow wow! I can't get over that amazing model! It's just beautiful, and as you said, such dedication.

  3. O, I agree - what a magnificent piece of art.

  4. Have a nice evening, I hope you feel better soon.

  5. That's amazing. Not just the work, but the craftsmanship and careful attention to the SCALE of each item there.

  6. Anonymous10:21 PM

    The model is mind blowing how much work and dedication into that eh! I have bought 1/3 of my xmas pressies so far and pleased to say next week am getting more done. It's me Blondie


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