Monday, November 07, 2016


*** DISCLAIMER:  the content of today's post was posted with Lacy's PERMISSION. ***

Lacy called in to see Keera on her way home from Tauranga yesterday afternoon.

She had been to a Guy Fawkes party.

She had a little story:

She got pulled up by a cop on her way down the Kaimai's.  Apparently the cop had done a check of her car on his computer.  It showed her car wasn't registered, so he pulled her over.

And yeah, he did a bit of a check of her car... and found a 'few' issues with it.

The BIGGEST issue was her 'fuel tank'.

Or rather, her 'jerry rigged' fuel tank.

A while ago a bad lot of petrol went into her fuel tank, and rendered it useless.

So Lacy, being the 'handy' person she is, decided to make her car a new fuel tank.

It looks like this:

ABOVE:  It worked, but it was HIGHLY ILLEGAL.

The cop took one look and was literally struck dumb!  He was IMPRESSED with what a good job Lacy had made of her very illegal fuel tank....

ABOVE:  Clearly it had SOME features that were OK-ish (if it was a real fuel tank!), but at the end of the day, the car was a ticking time bomb!!!

The car got PINK STICKERED immediately, and the officer took the number plates off the car.

He DID allow her to drive it back to Hamilton... which was AMAZING, as usually Pink Ticketed cars have to stay where they are and be picked up by a tow truck.

So, Lacy's car is officially off the road.  
I can't say I'm sad about that, as I was worried sick that if someone ran into the back of her car it would have exploded!

So, that's the start of my day!  Blog fodder... gotta love it.

School/Kindy run first thing today.  Then I'm going to do some sewing... join strips of fabric for the binding for Keera's quilt.  Then I will have some 'hand work' to do at Patchwork Group tonight.  

Brylee is home now, she's on 'study leave' and has exams starting soon.  Griffin still has a few weeks left before the school year ends for him.  I'm not sure when Kindy finishes, I will check at kindy this morning.

So, that's all for now... catch ya later.


I've made some great progress on Keera's quilt this morning.  I made the binding and sewed it onto the quilt.  Now all I have to do is hand stitch it down, and make a label for it.  

I almost always forget to add the label, which has the date it was made and by who.  So, I might just do that now.

*sigh*  The car saga continues.
Stew was driving into Hamilton this morning, and what did he see parked on the side of the expressway?

Lacy's car.

We wondered if she had been pulled over again, or broken down?

Seems it was the latter, the car died.

So, I get a text from her at 12.30 this afternoon.   She wanted me to tow her car into Hamilton.  

I rang the Police to make sure it was legal for me to tow it?  It was, so I went into Hamilton.

Stew met me at Lacy's and he went out in my car and towed her back to her flat.  I didn't want to do it, knowing my luck she would have crashed into the back of my car!

So, hopefully we never have to do that again, I'm over her car.

I'm now home again, and in less than an hour I have to go and pick up Keera and Griffin.  Oh well... I will watch some mindless TV till then I think.

9.36 pm:  Since the afternoon, I've cooked a delicious veal roast with veges, gone to Weight Watchers meeting (first time in 2 months!) and then gone to Monday night Patchwork Group.  

I've had a lovely evening, and got about a third of the binding hand stitched on Keera's quilt.

Time to sign off for the day.


  1. Good effort lacy tho haha it's been a while with her car like that. I'm suprised she lasted this long. 😊

    1. Anonymous10:17 AM

      hehe yea the good old Honda....... she'll be back lol xx

  2. Your family is a constant source of delight :)

  3. Wow and good gracious! It's disappointing enough that your daughter would put other people's safety at risk, but the police officer who let her continue driving should be fired! What if there was an accident and innocent people lost their lives due to the illegal fuel tank?

    1. I'm pretty sure the only person who was at risk was Lacy actually, but I don't know for sure. As for the officer, well it was his call, and he made it. Lacy never put her daughter at risk either, just in case someone goes down that road. Keera was NEVER in the car while it had the 'alterations' to it's fuel system.

    2. Anonymous10:21 AM

      dear miss troll.....i never went out of my way to put anybody lives at risk, but really there is no point in going into that conversation with you, as for the police officer, he did his job properly, maybe you need to be banned from putting nasty comments on blog sites....

    3. Nasty comment? Troll? I just pointed out the obvious. The pink sticker said "Ordering Unsafe Vehicle Off Road" and people are acting like it's a joke. You could have killed someone! If you only want sweet, positive comments then this should not be an open blog.

    4. Anonymous7:01 AM

      Cathy I am behind you 100%. Lacy is one irresponsible individual who thinks she is clever to put her and others at risks on the road. As for saying that the officer did his job properly is totally out of line! Lacy if you can't afford to drive a safe car, don't drive one at all and take public transport like the rest of us. And before you call my a troll, Lacy, my name is Helen Peters and I am a caring individual who just so happens to speak my mind.
      Helen Peters, Boise, Idaho

    5. Anonymous8:35 AM

      oh for shit sakes, I didn't put anyone at risk so go bleet on to someone else, dam j can't even be bothered with uptight people, have a nice day

  4. Well I think its a bit funny about Lacys car. If the car was registered she may not have been pulled up and therefore still driving around. Life is a risk, some people die simply going to the toilet !

  5. Lacy is certainly one talented chick - has she thought about looking a mechanical apprenticeship? I think you can actually get ones for "mature students" i.,e not school leavers. She could then use her skills for good :-).

    1. Anonymous10:23 AM

      hehe thank you tracy for looking past the naughty part of the blog post and being positive about it, appreciated xx #2 :)

  6. Very ingenious Lacy.

  7. You sound happily busy.

  8. Wow- I wish I had Lacy's brains for mechanical things. She would make a beautiful mechanic.

  9. Do they have places you can get parts off of old cars there? We have "pick n pull" where you can go in and get parts like that for cheap.


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