Saturday, November 26, 2016


Today my Mum is leaving.
Her sister, my Aunt Ethel, is coming down from Auckland to pick her up and take her back to Auckland, ready to catch her flight back to Australia on Sunday.

As I said yesterday, I'm making club sandwiches for lunch... so I will be getting on with that shortly.

 ABOVE:  Archer at playcentre ... goodness knows what's on his face!

ABOVE:  Dante practising being a builder me thinks.

It's lovely that Bex thinks to send me photos of the kids all the time, so we don't miss out on anything.

After my Mum and Aunt and Uncle have left, we might just be having a quiet afternoon!  It's been GO GO GO for over a week with visitors.  I'm freakin' tired!


Two hours at the kitchen bench making club sandwiches this morning. All the while I've got a massive headache and now I'm mega crabby.

We have had Keera in our room for the past two nights as she was keeping my Mum awake. OMG that kid grinds her teeth, sniffs,snorts, coughs,tosses and turns non bloody stop!  We are utterly exhausted.

First thing monday I am ringing the dentist to see if it's possible to get her a brace or mouthguard to stop the tooth grinding... it's horrific!

1.40 pm:  And my Mum has left, and she will be safely home again tomorrow night.  It's been wonderful having her here, and getting to spend so much time with her.

We won't see her again now until May next year, when she will be over for her 80th Birthday party.

We are now off into town, we have a few things to get/do.  Once home again I shall be putting my feet up and relaxing for a while!

Well... we got done the one thing we really wanted to do in town, which was FINALLY buy Griffin his birthday present.  Better late than never.

I had a massive nap in the late afternoon with Keera, so of course, not tired at 'bedtime'.

So, it's now 1.30 am and I'm finally going to bed.


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Teeth grinding is a symptom of having worms.Might pay to worm Keera.

    1. That was done weeks ago. We have had her to the doctor to address her various health issues. She does not have worms.

  2. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Anxiety and stress are also symptoms

  3. When u find a solution to Keera teeth grinding please share I'm a dreadful teeth grinder some morning I wake and my jaw feels like it is jammed shut and oh my god the pain Lol maybe that y I'm single

  4. What a busy week or two you've had with visitors and travelling around. It sounds like a well deserved rest for the balance of the weekend is in order for you all :) Enjoy!

  5. Anonymous4:04 PM

    My son is a teeth grinder and the dentist had a mouth guard made for him that he puts in at night to stop it otherwise it wears the teeth out.

  6. I love the BLUE FACE.

  7. You definitely need a couple of days to just chill out after all those visitors.


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