Tuesday, November 22, 2016


ABOVE:  Keera holding Sophia, who is a pink ceramic piggy bank.
My Mum gave it to her.  Keera LOVES her pink piggy bank, and she named her Sophia.

And she kisses her.  

ABOVE:  Keera putting her money in her piggy bank.  My Mum, having to hold Keera's dolly.

It's cuteness overload here.

Today I am going to the last Tuesday Patchwork group meeting, we are having a shared morning tea.

While I'm there, Mum and Lorraine are going to check out Cambridge's op shops, and other shops too I expect.

Keera will be at Kindy, Griffin at school, and Brylee with go to town with her Grandmother and Aunty Lorraine.

So, that's the morning planned.  The rest is up in the air...


12.25 pm:  and it's been a busy morning for me.
Hamilton/patchwork/grocery shopping and then home.

We were supposed to have no power today, but we do have!  NOW the power is going off either tomorrow or Thursday.  Grrrr, wish they would make up their bloody minds.    I could have got the washing on first thing this morning if I'd known we were going to have power.

Oh well.. it's on now.

VICTORIA... it's a new programme on TV.  I've never watched a tv programme that I want to actually watch AGAIN... and it's not even finished yet.  I think next week is the last episode.

Mum, Lorraine and Brylee are still out and about.

I'm expecting a bloke to arrive at 1 pm to do a quote for security doors.  It will be neat to have wind coming into the house over summer yet still have the door closed and locked.

Can't have the dogs getting out after all.  And it will be nice to keep the doors open over night if it's stinkin' hot.

Cooking for 17 tonight. Im doing spaghetti bologniese with garlic bread. 

Just as well I'm used to cooking for a large family! 

Well... I survived the cooking.. it took me a full 3 hours to make enough spag bol for the entire clan.  Well 2/3rds of our kids anyway.

They have all left now and it's time to head off to bed.  


  1. Keera is so adorable

  2. Just read that NZ has had another earthquake. I hope there isn't too much damage and there is no loss of life

    1. Don't worry, it was just another strong aftershock... the entire country seems to be getting them.

    2. Thanks Chris

  3. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Hi there Chris ! I love Keera's relationship with your mum - they have a great bond.

    Love Martine xxx

  4. Wow how much mince do you use for 17 ? 12 has been my maximum except for spit roast for about 20 for my 40th ( how could I forget the stress of doing that)

    1. 3 kilos of mince and 1 kilo of chunky bacon pieces!

  5. What a gorgeous piggy bank Keera has - you can see how much she loves her special gift. She's looking so happy - just lovely to see.

    You're a busy lady cooking for 17 ... I find cooking for the 2 of us hard enough some days! Enjoy your evening.

  6. That's a big dinner!

  7. No pictures of the 17????

    1. Nope. I just wasn't in the mood. I had spent over 3 hours cooking... no help... and I was really hot and crabby.

  8. Anonymous6:00 PM

    You mean to say nne of the 17 helped you well I would have eaten all the spag bol myself!! lol
    Keera is getting so tall lovely pictures. It's me Blondie


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