Thursday, November 03, 2016


I have NEVER gotten excited about a garden as much as this home's garden has excited me.

We have done some new plantings, and now have:

10 strawberry plants (new)
3 plum trees
3 grape vines (new)
3 feijoa trees (2 new)
2 blueberry plants (new)
1 tangelo tree (new)
1 mandarin tree (new)
1 fig tree
1 lemon tree.... 

and lettuces, broccoli, cauliflower, spring onions, parsley and chives (all new)!

I'm thrilled with our horticultural efforts.  *smiles*

Now hopefully everything comes to fruition and we can enjoy our fruit and veges.

I asked Stew if I had missed anything?  He said what about the 2 olive trees?   Well yes, we do have them, but will they fruit?  Don't know... plus we don't like olives!  

Griffin dug the holes for the grapevines yesterday afternoon, and Stew planted them after dinner last night.  So all our plantings are done.

Today I'm going into town to get some curtain wire.  I want to make a curtain for the garage door windows.  The glare when I'm sorting out the washing is driving me nuts, so a curtain is in order.   I made one for our garage in Palmerston North, so I know it will work.

Keera only has half a day at Kindy today, so I will be picking her up at lunchtime.  My ears will be bleeding by the end of the day!  That child can TALK... and TALK... and then talk some more! lol

With any luck she will be tired and fall asleep... lol!

Right, I'm off to get said talkative pre-schooler ready for kindy....


11.18 am:  And I've not managed to get into town yet.
I've been fluffing around at home.  Watered the new grape plants, moved a few items on walls, and finally hung the bunting in Keera's room.

ABOVE:  And I put up her 'Name' Wall Hanging too.  Funny how that Rhino's colouring matches the wall perfectly!  Must have meant to be there.

Now I just have to quilt her bed quilt, then her 'bedroom' stuff will be done.

It's been a very long and hot afternoon.  The kitchen/dining/family room gets the sun ALL DAY, so it gets pretty hot in here.  Keera did her best to drive me nuts today... it was "Grandma, Grandma, Grandma" for hours on end.

So, I laid her down on a couch, with me on the other and insisted she have a rest.  I fell asleep.  I have no idea if she did!  I woke up an hour later and she was off playing with the big kids.

The lounge was a tip.  She had laid blankets over the flipped out lazy boys and cushions all over the place.  I think she had made tents!

I'm trying to get to bed by 10.30 tonight.  Let's see how that goes.


  1. As a retired teacher and mother of six, grandmother of nine I have observed that talkative children usually possess high intelligence.

  2. What an interesting observation! I've got several very talkative grandchildren!

  3. I bet you could always sell or trade your olives? It will be nice to see "how everything grows". I hope it does good for you!Do you put tomatoes in your salads? A couple of those little pear tomato plants work wonders for that.

  4. Kiera needs to have some playdates :-). Of course the downside is that you will be expected to reciprocate but at least she will have someone else to gabble to. Isn't it funny we can't wait for them to talk then we wish they would shut up - just for a wee while haha.

    1. Anonymous5:43 PM

      Keera Keera Keera Keera

      this is how her name is spelt

      thank you for your time
      xx #2

  5. wow, that room looks so pretty! I just love bunting, you are sooooo clever! xxx

  6. Miss keera will be so thrilled when she see her room this afternoon

  7. Anonymous3:39 PM


    Keera's room looks so lovely!!!


  8. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Oh wow your array of veges and plants is growing literally, Keera talking non stop how neat, I love it when kids gabble I never tire of it ever. Laughter chatter and looksee Grandma fell asleep and a great time was had ... You're the best Grandma really. It's me Blondie

  9. About your windows - get them tinted!!!! We have the entire sunny side of our house tinted and it cuts heat and UV light right down so your carpet and furniture doesn't fade etc. We didn't get a dark tint so you'd never know but it's made an incredible difference. It also gives more privacy looking in as from the outside it gives a slightly mirrored effect. Best thing we ever did and we've had it done now for years... still does the job.

    1. Here you go... will give you and idea.

  10. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Ha Ha Chris, funny that you slept and Keera played...maybe you can just pretend to be asleep to have a break...too funny


  11. Sounds like a fantastic garden! Our lettuce didn't do too well though.


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