Sunday, November 27, 2016


We were watching an episode of Country Calendar last night, it was about a small farm in Ngaruawahia, named 'Soggy Bottom'.

A couple breed pigs predominantly, and sell their produce at various places, one being the Farmer's Markets in Hamilton and Cambridge. 

So... as it's on TODAY, in Hamilton, we are going.  We want to check out their produce for ourselves.

ABOVE: lol... I suppose I shall be looking out for this bloke!

I'm sure we can find something to buy.

Once home again, Stew is going to have a go at using his new hedge trimmer. 

I'm not sure what I shall get up to.  Yet.


10.45 am:  and we haven't left for the market yet, as Stewy is watching the All Blacks Vs. France!
We can't possibly move till it's finished... OF COURSE!

I've been titivating outside, moving a few pots around, just doing some more settling in.
There's always changes to be made in the first year or so eh?  

Luckily, I can't actually move THE HOUSE!  lol

The game is almost over and we lead 24/19.   If France score a converted try, we will lose!   It's a bit too close for Stew's liking.  😳😰

AND WE WON!  Now Stew is happy, and we can go.

Well we got to the Farmer's Market and found Soggy Bottom's stall.  Sadly they had sold out of all their pork sausages and bacon AND pies.  Sad.  So we ended up buying some jams and muesli from another couple of stalls, then going to Chartwell Square for lunch and a wander.

Catherine's in Chartwell were having a 50% off Renovation sale, so I was lucky enough to pick up a few extra Christmas gifts for half price.

 ABOVE:  Tallulah was VERY excited, because she could SMELL something...

ABOVE: New toys for Tallulah from Animates.  We were not sure if she would like the new, bigger chicken, but she did.

There is a video of her reaction to the new chicken to come...

I had an urge to move furniture around in the family room...  photos to come. Oh and we also did some moving of stuff in the garage too.

And it's the end of the day, we've been very busy this afternoon.  Photos tomorrow.  Too tired to do them right now.


  1. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Oh Chris we watched it too when Samuel goes home next I'm stopping in there too!! I loved it and the meat looked so dark and delicious and those pies yummm! Have a neat day It's me Blondie go the ABs

  2. Making room for Xmas tree??

  3. Sheesh, I don't have any room for the tree in this room! It will have to go into the lounge, once I find the bloody thing! Might be in the attic, or one of the outside garden sheds? Hmmm... I will have to get Stewy to find it.


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