Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Things are very different at our new Medical Centre, compared to where we went in South Auckland.

For a start, we don't see the Diabetes Nurse every 3 months, here it's once a year.
And you have to pay!  Clearly, living in South Auckland had some benefits.

Not so in Cambridge.  

Oh well... I suppose it's the trade off for living in such a nice little town.

Today I am seeing the Diabetes Nurse for my 'annual' check up.
Not sure what it entails.  Suppose I will find out eh?  *smiles*

Once that is done, I'm coming home to hang out the bloody endless amount of washing we generate.  Then I hope to do some sewing.

 ABOVE:  Archer finally found out what happens when you put your fingers in your ears!  He was very amused for a while doing it too.
Cute little bugger.

ABOVE:  I went into Keera's room yesterday morning to see if she was awake.  Found this.  The dogs really like this kid.

It is SO LOVELY to see her so happy, it really is.

And on that note, I'm outta here.  Got stuff to do.


12.59 PM: Well my Diabetes check up was ... well... so-so.  Certainly not GOOD.  My HbA1c count was 66... the highest it's ever been.

So.  As we all know, and I DO KNOW, it is totally up to me to turn it around.  I've just got to want to be bothered.  Cos, seriously, I'm NOT bothered.  There is no excuse.  I'm in a rut.  So, what to do?

Well for a start, I'm probably going to join an Aquasize group being held out at St Peter's College twice a week.  And I will make a start on better diet.

Next... booked Keera in for her 4 year old 'Before School' check up, and immunisations.  That's on Friday afternoon.   Something tells me she ain't gunna be a happy girl after the injections!  Time will tell.

I also picked up an Enrollment form from the local Primary School.  She's in zone for Cambridge Primary school, so that's neat.  It would appear to be a lovely school. 

Now that I'm home, I shall have lunch (a lettuce leaf?), then continue with the washing.  It's being rotated through the dryer as it's been raining on/off all day.

ABOVE:  "No I'm not tired Grandma"... said no one in particular.

Quiet evening, some good telly on tonight.
But, heading off to bed soon... trying to kick my habit of staying up till well after midnight.


  1. Keera looks so cute and cuddly and safe and protected... in that darling bed with those guard dogs!

  2. She's a little darling, and you are responsible for her happiness you have made her feel safe and happy.

  3. I feel that those dogs of yours, felt Keera needed that little bit more protection and certainty than normal so decided they were just going to bombard her with all the love and licks she needs hehe, I actually love the pic of her in this awesome bed with those 2 cuties. Hope you all have an awesome day today.

  4. Haha... that's so nice to have made a dog bed that fits Keera too :)

    Lovely to see her looking so cosy and happy... well done to you Chris and Stew. I think you are quite enjoying your little girl.

    1. You'd be right! We are enjoying having her now. Last summer when we had her, there was just too much going on to keep her at that point.

  5. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Love the photo of the little bed and your precious grand-daughter and her furry friends. You are an amazing Lady and an exceptional Grand-Mother, you are the back bone and strength of your family unit. Sure that they all know that and appreciate you. XXX

  6. Bugger about the HbA1c count, still as you say, it is up to you. I used to go to an aqua size class on a Sunday morning, they are actually heaps of fun - hard to believe you can get all sweaty in a pool!! Best bit is you are in the water so jiggly bits not so noticeable.

    Love the picture of the dogs with Keera, I guess when she grows out of the bed you have a very fancy doggy bed :-)

  7. Anonymous2:06 PM


    Did you look at the link Lynda sent about the diabetes medical show ? I watched it. A bit of an eye opener...I am finding it hard to lose weight again...I haven't got diabetes..but need to make sure I don't get it. I walk so much according to my Fitbit 10,000-15,000 a day without even going for a dedicated walk...I should be slim !!! but sadly I am


  8. Oh Chris.... please let me help a little with how to get your HbA1c down. You can still eat loads of yummy foods that you love, only made with ingredients that don't spike your blood sugar. There is no need to starve, just adjust. Seriously, I eat loads of delicious food and it's not hard. Forget about diets and "eating a lettuce leaf" - you need real food that fills you up but does not raise blood sugar. Any time you are ready I can bombard you with links, recipes and information. Otherwise I'll shut up but it's so hard to be quiet when I know you could be still eating great food but get your blood sugar back to normal. :)

  9. Anonymous4:51 PM

    for anything to work it has to be a whole family as in everybody in that house thing, van just expect Ma to get her diet under control and not everybody else, so simple really, stop buying all the shit food and yea, easier said than done....nk not really, just bloody do it or next thing you'll be doing is sorting a bloody funeral.... xx #2

    1. I'm not about to freakin' die yet Lacy! But you are right, I have to stop buying crap, and the kids can do without it too really.

    2. Lacy you are right :)

    3. Anonymous10:16 AM

      I no right x #2

    4. Man calm your farm number 2 haha

    5. Anonymous9:10 PM

      noo my farm is doing well, the cows are barking the chooks are moooing, the sheep are oinking....all is working quite well ob and the farmer is well I hope, he's only up one tree lol

  10. I go to my diabetes nurse twice a year but my clinic bulk bills so that is free along with the Dr and podriotist. I can also go to a dietitian and chiropractor for 5 visits a year free of charge. I test at home 3 times a week aiming for readings between 3-7 Today's reading was 8. !!

  11. I agree with lacy - not about the funeral but about crap. Living alone it's easy at home as I don't have crap - work is my downfall though

  12. Anonymous10:29 PM

    I have read and reread the Sugar Diet craze and watched the doco it's well worth it, raw eating and pulses grains and veges it's a whole lifestyle family change..... you have now the land to grow veges and the time to do it AND a nice area to walk in and around. I like that you are sewing again and keeping busy, go to bed earlier by 30 mins each week say 11.30pm this week 11pm next week, 10.30pm etc etc. When we are tired our body craves energy ie sugar and we eat all the wrong things I have smoothie in morning with one scoop protein powder and chia seeds added banana yoghurt milk. snacks nuts cheese fruit lunch tuna or salmon snacks boiled egg then dinner Kumara and pumpkin as they are better GI than potatoe YOU know all this I know you do, Biking? maybe an option? Cambridge has lots flat areas I know I have said this before I just got up off the couch every ad break at night AND WALKED the ad break times you can walk end to end house etc!!! every ad break until you go to bed and kick start (shock) your body again. It's me Blondie.

  13. Keera is so cute and happy. You are wonderful grandparents. I just cut out the obvious sugars,, cake, chocolate, muesli, sweets, deserts etc and my markers came back down to Normal before I left. Maybe you could give yourself a reward or an incentive to do it. Love and hugs

  14. 6.6 could be a LOT worse. So you pick yourself up and work on it. Many hugs - I know you can do it. :)


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