Monday, November 14, 2016


Last night, just as I was about to head off to bed, our country was hit with a BIG earthquake. It was measured at M7.5.  

I felt it quite strongly!  Our house started to rock and roll, and I was rather scared.  I got up and it felt like I was drunk!

I wanted to wake Stew and just not be alone during it.  Walking down the hallway was weird, I had to hold on to the walls, the house was rolling around!

As far as I know right now, no one has died.  But there has been damage to buildings etc.
Until I can check the news, I don't have any more to report right now.

Now ... back to my normal post:

Well... dare I say it?   I think we have finished all we want to do on the outside of this new home of ours... FOR NOW.

ABOVE:  From this...

 ABOVE:  To this.  Much nicer.  Might not stop the kids, but we will work around that somehow.

ABOVE:  More revelations in the garden.  Obviously the previous owners of our home liked blue flowers!  How lucky am I?  *smiles*

***HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!***  See you at the end of the week.  Totally looking forward to that.

Today I'm off to Patchwork group here in Cambridge.  I shall be working on finishing at least one pillow case for Keera's bed.


Earthquake:  So far two deaths reported, lots of damage done in various parts of the country, mostly in upper South Island and Wellington.

I didn't get to bed till 2.30, so am about to go back to bed... shattered.  No patchwork group for me this morning.

5.45 pm:  I literally did NOTHING all day until mid afternoon!  I was just drained.

Once I found some energy, I decided to switch over the light bulbs in the house.  I have to do them room by room as the new bulbs are fairly expensive.

I bought 17 today, so the hallways and kitchen/dining/family room  are done.

We went from Warm White to BRIGHT WHITE, there is such a huge difference!  The room feels so much lighter now.

Tomorrow Stew is going to get a few more.  We need 20 more!  Luckily the bathrooms don't have 'normal' light bulbs, so we don't have to change them.

 ABOVE:  Luckily the kids were home to help do it for me.  Knowing my luck, I would have fallen off the bloody ladder.  Me and heights just don't mix.

ABOVE:  Gavin here is a photo of the new fan.  It's really good!  Totally recommend it.

Long day, time to sign off.  Hope nothing happens tonight!


  1. Unfortunately lives have been lost and looks like quite alot of damage. I slept through it although alot here got woken. Love the new area.

  2. We heard about this on our Welsh news and I thought of you. It is good to hear that you are ok. Love the garden.

    1. Thanks Yvonne, we are all safe and well.

  3. Anonymous7:42 AM

    she was a biggie....we were rocking and swaying x #2

  4. Sorry to hear about the eartquake. What fan did you get? Can you post a picture of it,I would like to see if I can find one this side (Johannesburg South Africa)

  5. You've done real nice with your home!!!
    Sorry about that scary earthquake. I'm only experienced a very mild one, and that was enough for me! Which part of NZ do you live in?

    1. We live in the central North Island, Cambridge. It's not common to feel an earthquake that was centered in the South Island, but it was a BIG earthquake!

  6. We didn't feel a thing but the geonet website shows many 'felt' reports for where we live! Lots for your area too - scary stuff. I'm so glad I don't live in Wellington any more. Earthquakes terrify me.

  7. Samyson is in Christchurch at the moment and he rang me when it happened, he was pretty freaked out )although his intake of red wine I suspect somewhat relaxed him:-)). His friend he was visiting was really upset but they are all Ok now, just tired as they didn't get much sleep.

    Your garden is looking great, I am so glad you love this house since it was a hard road getting there :-).

  8. Anonymous10:35 AM

    it has not just affected nz.....

  9. I am glad you did not suffer earthquake damage. I have never felt an earthquake. That must be odd. The tree area looks great, I bet you can get some type of cute, short, wire fence to put on the one side of that box to keep the dogs off the woodchips and away from the kids feet. Or get a bunch more pots.

  10. I hope the kids do not damage that lovely little tree. It certainly did brighten up that area. You have a beautiful way of doing things. I am so glad that you and your family were not injured.Hugs.

  11. LOVE that little area there. It's much improved.

  12. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Griffins height certainly is handy! gosh replacing lights that is a job and a half. Lovely improvement to the fence problem area. It's me Blondie..

  13. Glad you're OK after the 'quake!


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