Monday, October 31, 2016


Today is the start of a new week.
A week where I hope to get to Patchwork group today AND tomorrow.

I'm not sure if I will be taking Keera's quilt to patchwork today, there isn't a lot of room for bigger projects at the tables we use in the Red Cross Hall.

So, not sure what I will work on today.

But, it will be nice to go and catch up with all the ladies.  I've not been to a Monday group in ages.

I have had other stuff on, and getting into a new routine with Keera here now.

Keera is very happy and settled ... which is neat.  We had some settling in issues in the first couple of weeks, anxiety and night terrors, but all that has stopped now.

She turned a corner when she got her very own bed, one that she can't fall out of.  It's made such a difference.  She's sleeping well, and wakes up so happy.  

I think she likes going to kindy, but sometimes I think she'd rather stay home with me.  *smiles*  She's a really good little girl, but OMG CAN SHE TALK!  I like Kindy... lol!

After patchwork, I've got a little bit of gardening to do.  I am putting a blueberry plant in a big pot.  I don't even know if I am that fond of Blueberries!  lol
I'm really enjoying all this gardening! So unlike me.

Right, I am off to make a start on the day... 


3.37 pm:  Patchwork group was lovely today... lots of ladies and a constant hum of conversation.  I was the only person there with her sewing machine today.

All the others were doing hand work.  I felt a bit CONSPICUOUS.  Memories of an Auckland Patchwork group came to me, where one old lady TOLD ME OFF for making the table vibrate with my sewing machine.  

So I packed up my sewing machine today, not wanting to annoy anyone! Several ladies near me said "Oh no you don't, get that machine out again!", so I did.  lol

Such nice people here in Cambridge.  *smiles*

Once home I had some lunch, then felt really Ikkkk, so had a nap.  Woke up and felt even worse.  It would appear I've caught the shits off Archer.  Damn.

At least no one else is feeling yuk, though Brylee, Griffin and Keera all have head colds. Yaaa... snotty house for sure.

Well... another nice day done and dusted.  Everyone is in bed, and that's where I'm heading right now.


  1. I am glad Keera is settling in, she has has a lot of upheaval so it will take time to get settled. Enjoy your time at class today, you need to do something just for you too.

  2. Enjoy your craft. I miss my group when I can't go.
    So good to hear Miss Muppet is settling in. Having her own bed gives her something concrete and permanent. Just what she needs to help settle back in. You guys are amazing.

  3. Blueberry Muffins and Blueberry pancakes.... Yumm

  4. I think blueberries need to be planted in pairs - something to do with cross-pollination. I planted a single & it didn't do well, someone told me to add a second. I did and had a massive crop last year.

    1. Thanks for the info Natalie, I will get another plant then. I'm sure they will both fit in the big pot I've got.

    2. I've got just one blueberry in a pot and it's going gangbusters!! We have heaps of fruit from it - I think it's the pruning that makes it go well. Helps if you have flowering plants nearby for bees too!
      Melissa in Oz

  5. Great news with Keera! My mom was taking care of my cousin's boy Robert. He's 5 (almost 6) and my mom really liked it when he went to school too lol. He's back with his mom now so my mom can just have him for visits hopefully.

  6. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Gosh after the issues with McDreamy im glad you get to take said machine!!!! cause it needs to be used lol on all those UFOs!!! It's me Blondie


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