Wednesday, August 31, 2016


It goes like this.

The other day Lacy had a shower. 

I wanted to put a load of washing on, but couldn't as she was in the shower.

So I waited.  And waited.  And got a bit cross.

Then I banged on the bathroom door after 30 bloody minutes and said, get the hell out of the shower!

She still took another 7 minutes (YES, I timed her!)

So, last night she said she was going to take another shower, but I had to understand that she would take longer than 'normal' because of her injured shoulder.

I looked at her and said "I can come in and scrub you clean in 5 minutes FLAT"....

To which Lacy said "Oh hell NO, that would be SICK!"

So, she had a fairly quick shower later on that night.

And that is the end of 'Shower Time'.  *snigger*

Today I am going to Tauranga.  To pick up Lacy's belongings from her last abode.
All going well I might even get to visit a fabric shop over there!  Yes!

It would be very tempting to go for a walk along the beach at the Mount.  Yep, I might just do that too.  


3.16 pm:  Today has been AWESOME!
First up, on our way over to Tauranga, we stopped at the top of the Kaimai range to look back over the Waikato....

 ABOVE x's 3:  as you can see, FOG!  Blankets of fog all over the Waikato.  I think it looked magical.

 ABOVE x'S 3:  Mount Maunganui beach. It was a beautiful day, HOT even!  Can't believe how warm it was, today is the last day of winter!  Can't say I've felt cold many times at all!

I managed to pick up all of Lacy's clothes and other stuff from her previous abode with no problems at all.  That was great.

After having some lunch we went to the Bernina shop in Tauranga, and I found some striped fabric that I never thought I would ever find again.  

I had a small piece a few years ago and have never seen it since...

ABOVE:  The one on the right is the one I'm thrilled to have found, and the one on the left is pretty funky too.

After Tauranga, we left for home... but not before ringing one of my Uncles to see if he might be home for a visit?

He was, so we stopped in there to say "Hi".
I'd not seen him in about 14 years!  

Frank and his wife Nolene live at the bottom of the Kaimai ranges, Tauranga side.  He's a bee keeper.

 ABOVE:  That's Nolene, my Aunty.

 ABOVE:  I asked Lacy to take a photo of my Uncle and I... so she took a 'selfie' first.  Not the best photo I've ever seen I must say!

 ABOVE:  You can tell Frank's an outdoors man eh?  We got on like a house on fire, it was really, really lovely to catch up with him.  Not going to let it be another 14 years till we catch up again, that's for sure.

OMG I just realised I ain't go no make up on!  Ikkkk.  *smiles*  Fancy going out with no makeup on!

And that's me day so far.

This evening Stew and I are off to watch Brylee's Drama Production, 'Passengers', she has one of the  main characters to play.  Drama, ya gotta know she's going to do well at THAT eh?  lol

So... question:  Is it possible to see Mt Tongariro and Mt Ngarahoe from the top of the Kaimais?  Cos I'm thinking these two white lumps in the distance were them?

I'm probably wrong, but still think it might be?

Thanks for confirming it was the mountains Sharon.  *smiles*

Well, we are just back form the Drama Performance.  I will yak about that TOMORROW.  

For now... food, then some mindless TV or something similar.  SO looking forward to tomorrow!!!


  1. shower time is like that here. Samyson uses it as a time for singing practice :-)

  2. A walk at the Mount with the sun shining sounds like a great idea. I learned to have quick showers when living in Brisbane at the time of a drought and therefore water restrictions. A habit that still continues.

  3. Good luck, I hope that goes smoothly. Melissa takes super long showers. I don't understand what can take so long lol.

  4. Yes, a walk on the beach sounds divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. what the heck, your coming to Tauranga, and no visit?

    1. Next time chick! I pretty much had a full schedule today.

  6. You be careful picking that stuff up. I hope you get time for a nice walk.

    1. I had very little concerns about that Tracy. He has no reason to be anti with me.

  7. Beautiful pictures today!

  8. Sounds like a lovely day. Tell Brylee break a leg, you will love seeing her up on stage performing :-). I hope she has a great opening night. Don't forget to get her a gift for after the show (flowers, soft toy etc usually suffice) - welcome to being a theatre Mum hahaha.

  9. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Beautiful pics fog and all and yes that was Ngauruhoe Tongariro etc WAS stinkin hot here today.. It's me Blondie

  10. What great photos- I love the mystical look of the fog hanging over the hills. I went to Bernina shop in Tauranga a couple of weeks ago and loved the shop.
    How wonderful to catch up with family after such a long time. Glad you enjoyed the catch up
    Good luck Brylee with your performance-enjoy every moment.


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