Thursday, August 18, 2016


Today I am going on a little shopping trip.
To The Ribbon Rose in Auckland.

I would like to get my hands on enough of a certain fabric I got there a couple of weeks ago, so I can use it for the sashings of my next Dresden Plate Quilt.

I have not seen it anywhere else, so off to Auckland I go.  I hope they have enough of it!

Obviously while there I will try and visit Bex and the little boys.

I think Lacy will be coming with me, if she gets out of bed in time.

All going well I will be leaving just after the kids leave for school, and getting back just before they get home from school.

Ummm... I have a confession to make!  While out yesterday afternoon, I had to walk past the Salvation Army Thrift Shop.  And in the front window lay three gorgeous platters.  I went in and bought them on the spot!

I mean... can you blame me?.....

 ABOVE:  FISH!  CRAYFISH!  Splashy platters. Just love them.  They are virtually brand new! The barcode stickers are still on the back, hardly damaged even.  I got them for about an 8th of the original price.  SCORE. 

ABOVE:  AND.... while there I spied this sad little piano stool.  So I got that too... I will give it a tidy up, new fabric on the top and find a place for it somewhere!  

So, some impulse shopping has slipped in.  WHOOPS!  I will try harder to give up impulse shopping. YES, really try hard.  *lol*

I better go.... 


Shopping is going very well. I got the fabric I wanted from Ribbon Rose, then I went over to Cushla's in Devonport and got a couple more metres of fabric to match what I already have for the quilt.

Now grabbing some lunch foe me then going to Bex's to visit. Lacy is there already.

5.18 pm:  What a neat day!  I got the fabric I really, really wanted for the sashings on my new Dresden Plate Quilt-to-be, AND 8 more contrasting fabrics for the Dresden Plates.

We didn't stay too long at Bex's as I was rather tired.  But it was lovely to see and play with the boys for a while.

 ABOVE:  I took along this card with a sample of all the fabrics I already have.  No way was I going to buy something I already had!  It worked perfectly.

 ABOVE: Today's haul.  5 from The Ribbon Rose in Mt Wellington, 2 from Cushla's in Devonport, and 2 from The Grandmother's Garden in Gordonton.  

ABOVE:  Oh and this one from The Ribbon Rose too!  What an awesome batik.  I can see it as a 'Cute Bag'.

NOW... I better get on with dinner.  We are having lamb patties wrapped in bacon and baked in the oven, accompanied by veges.
Should be nice.

Bloody tired as tonight.  So looking forward to bed.


  1. OMG Chris, I am so jealous!! I love the plates. They look like they come from Splashy in Horotiu...I want a handbasin from there....they are fab :-)

  2. I would be disappointed if you left the platters behind Chris, they are so 'you' and that piano stool is rather cute !

  3. I am not surprised you did not resist the plates, they are so you :-)

    Enjoy your shopping trip and your visit with Bex & the boys.

  4. Can see why you HAD to have those plates, they are so you. Enjoy your trip to the big smoke, it seems you are having a good time.
    Mary in Tassie

  5. Ohhh bother I ahould have hollered out I AM IN AKLD for 4 days up with Samuel.... Love the platters, impulse shopping can reap rewards sometimes.

    1. Why don't you stop in on your way home? Would be lovely to see you.

  6. yes I was thinking that I'm heading back Sunday I will text you Saturday night and see what you're up to.... just incase you're tripping around.

  7. Sounds like a great and busy day. Lovely fabrics. Love how you took a card of all the fabric samples with you- need to remember to do that myself.

  8. Sounds like a great and busy day. Lovely fabrics. Love how you took a card of all the fabric samples with you- need to remember to do that myself.

  9. I just love thrift stores. I picked up a bunch of fabric on a day trip my mom and I went to. I really want to make my nieces some little sundresses. I need to get on that!


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