Tuesday, August 02, 2016


I want to put the second coat of paint on my post/doo dacky and capping thing.  
Cut out the ply for the numbers, and paint it, then cover it in reflective tape.

Add the numbers, and then wait for Stew to attach it to the front fence.

Then it will be really easy to find our driveway at night... I hope.

Really getting tired of all the rain we have been having.  I feel like we have only had a few fine days since we moved here.  It's winter, yep... but come on!
Rain, rain and more bloody rain.  I'm over it.

I hung washing outside a couple of days ago, and it's still out there, dripping wet.  I will have to bring it in and re-wash it now.  Grrrrr.

So, apart from the painting and cutting out of the ply, I shall be doing shitty housework.  It never ends.  Though, I don't think I shall be washing the kid's bathroom floor!  Seems the message MIGHT have got through?

I can live in hope anyway.  Right ... I'm off to start the day.


11.51 am:  And the day went downhill pretty fast after getting up... I got a massive headache out of nowhere, so ended up back in bed!

I arose again at about 11 feeling much better... thank goodness.

Now I'm about to take the dogs for a little walk up the road, before heading into the garage to do that painting.

ABOVE:  Last night at Weight Watcher's, I finally caved and bought a cookbook and a tracker.  I can track 'online', but I prefer to use the Tracker book.  
At least I CAN find all the food values online, and not have to buy that particular book.

It does my head in when WW changes the points of virtually everything so often.  We are now counting 'Smart Points'... instead of 'Pro Points', and before that 'Points' and so on, and on and on.  

I've got boxes full of friggin WW's books that are defunct.  Not to mention my scales, pedometer, calculator, etc, etc.

I could bitch n moan for a while longer, but the dogs are looking at me with big doe eyes... so we shall pop out for our walk now.

Hmmm.... Tallulah needs some sort of intervention!

While out walking, we passed a lady who was out walking, and Tallulah took for her!  Luckily I had her on a short leash and could hold her back... because she wanted to bite the lady!

I was horrified.  I've never had a dog like it... extremely territorial and overly protective of us.

I'm going to ring around and see what sort of training I can find for her.  

CROSS.   I've lost my Fit Bit somewhere around the house, or back yard.  *sigh*  I've been hunting for it for a while now, but to no avail.
Sadly, I've been in my sewing room sorting out the wardrobe, in the garage painting and outside in the garden... so it could be anywhere.

I know I didn't lose it on our walk this morning, cos I checked it when I got home. 

10.09 pm:  Everyone is in bed... Stew has to go to Auckland tomorrow, so he has a very early start.... hence he went to bed early.
Me?  Watching some silly TV, then I'll put another coat on some of the stuff I painted this morning.

Then bedtime for me too.


  1. I had a lazy day today.....yours sounds busy!!

  2. Yes WW makes me crazy now too. I had success with them in 2002, losing 18kg (kept most of it off despite having 2 babies) but all the changes make my head spin. Clearly, it's just a marketing ploy to get old members (like you and me) to buy their latest "products" and to hook new members in. A cookbook is a good idea, to get used to healthy ingredients and portion sizes, but it all comes down to one thing: eat less: move more. Sigh xxxxx

  3. I agree about WW. I did great with them last year and then they changed it in January and I have been struggling ever since. It seems like everything I liked went up dramatically in points even though I am a very healthy eater. Ive actually quit and am using the calorie king website for free. Back on track and losing weight eating what I want.

  4. Fit Bit will turn up I am sure, not worth stressing about. You have been so flat out these last few weeks I think your body and mind are wanting a rest

  5. login to fitbit.com and look at your steps you can see when your last steps were. Hopefully if you have a time you will remember where you were

    1. MARIA! You are brilliant. I did that, and the last time it recorded my steps was at 3.30 pm. So now I just have to work out WHERE I was at 3.30 ... that's got me thinking! But it's a start. THANK YOU!

  6. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Gee I hope you find your fitbit soon, how annoying.Tallulah Tallulah out of character for her, I hope it doesn't mean a muzzle? or no walkies shame but that won't stop you walking eh.... It's me Blondie.

  7. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Hi Chris I know of a wonderful dog trainer in Hamilton. www.brownedog.co.nz :)

  8. Now you live in Hamilton, Stew has to go to work in Auckland! If you don't find your fit bit, contact them and let them know- they'll send you a new one. I did that..... Then found my old one in the garden.... :-)

  9. A good way to find it is to "sync" with your phone and see if it's connecting (walk around the house until it's in range). My friend lost hers and found it in her under ware drawer lol

  10. Oh and they change all their WW crap so you have to rebuy everything. Genius for them I guess!

  11. Anonymous7:01 AM

    if you have a smart phone then you can download fitbit finder app it will fid active fitbits, I have used it once or twice :-) gill in uk


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