Monday, August 01, 2016


And... I have a mission today.

First up... paint the post, moulding and cap for the Street Number pole.

Then I will be making the actual number plate.  Still not 100% sure how I will be doing it.  *smiles*

I was going to have a rant right now about pee on bathroom floor.  But ... well... maybe I just have to shut up.  And think of some devious way to make them pay.
How about $1 every time there's pee on the floor?  BOTH OF THEM.  Cos it could be either of them really.

I have raised 6 before these two, and seriously, I've NEVER had this much of a problem with pee on the floor before!

It's making me so ANGRY!  Whoops!  I am having a rant after all!

So, back to today.  I've got plenty to keep myself busy with...  so...


So far today, I've done some painting, had morning tea with my neighbour, gone to Mitre 10 and bought a bit of exterior ply for my numbers to sit on... had a bit of lunch and now?
I'm watching Home and Away!

Weight Watchers tonight, followed by Patchwork meeting. I'm going with my neighbour 'A'.  We are getting picked up just after 7.  Such a friendly bunch here in Cambridge!

Text 'talked' to Lacy this morning... she's coming back in a couple of weeks time.  I told her to eat more, she's far too skinny!  I wish I could give her some of my blubber!

12.30 am:  Yeah, it's a bit late!  I've been out to WW's... lost .700 grams.  Then on to Patchwork meeting... which was nice as per usual.  Slowly starting to feel part of the group.
Time for bed!


  1. Both of them clean the bathroom any time there is pee present.

  2. Every time one of them pees, check the bathroom, that will soon uncover the culprit :-)

    1. It's quite annoying to have to literally stand outside their rooms to see when they go into the bathroom! It's a million miles away from the lounge/family room! I have tried that though.

  3. Pee On The Floor.... do not even start me! I clean our toilet and floor about 20 times a day. They don't care!!!! It drives me bloody nuts. I'm surprised you can't hear my screaming from Sydney to New Zealand !!!!

    1. lol.... NOT. You should hear ME scream! And rant at them. Stew tells ME off! The shit... telling me off for getting angry at the more obvious offender. DOES. MY. HEAD. IN. I'd like to see him have to clean it up all the time. I've made G clean up but he does a piss poor job. (pardon the pun)

  4. So glad you seem to be settling in! And yes, I get pee under the seat. I don't know how, it's girls use this one! The worst part is this loo is near the front door.

  5. I really hate cleaning the toilet. I don't understand how my husband can lift the seat and see all that disgusting stuff and just leave it that way.

  6. Five guys in the house here! I am with you on the PEE thing! I am wiping things up all the time - how hard is that to wipe with a bit of wet toilet paper at least? Really??!


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