Tuesday, August 16, 2016


First up for today... I'm a Fatty Boom Bah.  I gained 2 kilos in the past two weeks.
Too much comfort eating.

Getting cross or upset and boom!  I dive head first into the pantry.  I really have to get on top of that shit.

They say Diabetes is the 'silent killer'... and I don't want to be one of the unlucky ones who faces massive health issues in the next 10 years.

So, I'm going to knuckle down and REALLY try to cut out the crap.  And Stew!  STOP. BRINGING. HOME. CHOCOLATE. BISCUITS!!!

WE don't need them. 

Still on a health topic.  Lacy.  Has come home damaged.  Some bastard attacked her with a crow bar!
WTF?  She doesn't remember too much, sounds like she got knocked out.  I will be taking her to our Dr for a check up, just as soon as she gets herself enrolled at our medical clinic.  

She was seen at the hospital in Tauranga by the look of it, she had a hospital band on her wrist last night.

Today?  Meh.  Not sure.  It will depend on how Lacy is, if she needs to go to the Dr now, or later on in the week.

I'm tempted to just get on with painting the Hobbit House, and worry about the parts I can't reach later on.  Like, when Stew can do them.

Hopefully it's fine, but cloudy today.  Yesterday was really HOT in the sun!


Fuck, fuckity fuck!  Just remembered I have Patchwork Class in Hamilton at 10 this morning!
Here I was making all sorts of plans to get Lacy sorted.... it will all have to wait till this afternoon now.

I'm frantically running around getting my shit together for class.

I'll be back after class to yak some more.

1.11 pm:  Home from Hamilton Patchwork Class.
I LOVED IT.  Dare I say it? It was a much more friendly group of ladies.  And having it in the 'shop' meant I could buy more fabric for the new Dresden Plate Quilt.

ABOVE:  The class area, to the left is the shop area.  Donna has the most gorgeous bright/pretty fabrics.  Totally love so much in this shop.

While there, seriously, my bloody phone never stopped ringing, or receiving texts!
I even got a call from Victim Support!  For Lacy.
That was fun. NOT.

So anyway, now I'm home, I shall have lunch then go into my sewing room and cut more blades for the quilt.
Tomorrow, I work on a UFO.
Kinda decided to do alternate days of the new quilt, then UFO's.  
Works for me.

Cooking dinner, Lacy is in Hamilton visiting Keera.  It's quiet.  Peaceful even.  lol

***edited content... some things can't be put on here right now. 

LACY: Better things must happen for her eventually.
If she works hard on herself and her situation.  We can only do so much.  Like fatten her up!  *smiles*


  1. Get well soon Lacy, hope you feel better soon and not in to much pain.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Clean everything "unhealthy" out of the pantry & cupboards, I find with no chocolate or wine in the house it is much easier not to indulge.

    As for Lacy, sounds like she has upset someone, she is better off out of Tauranga and away from those sort of people. She has a good chance to sort herself out with you guys.

    1. Anonymous6:12 PM

      ....or maybe she was standing up for herself..always negative never positive.

    2. While I agree that she is better off out of tauranga, I do not agree with your assumption that she has pissed someone off. People get attacked all the time for no reason at all, without warning or provication so I would appreciate it if you didn't immediately run to those sort of conclusions.

    3. Anonymous8:22 PM

      Thank you Steve

    4. And yes Tracy, she HAD pissed off someone, she is better off out of Tauranga and she will do better here... I HOPE.

  4. Sounds like she may have been concussed so may be she should be checked out sooner rather than later. I'm sure you can get back on track with your eating-effects of diabetes is not nice if it is not controlled.

  5. oh my gosh that's terrible... I hope she is ok...

    1. Anonymous8:55 PM

      Oh hi Bee how are you, so good to hear from you, I am doing ok, well as good for someone with a cough lol :p
      Hope you are doing well :)

    2. I'm good thanks :) Happy to hear you are ok. Sounds like being with mum and dad is a bloody good place to be at the moment. xx

  6. Good for you for making a priority of going to class instead of sorting out Lacey.

    1. Anonymous6:15 PM

      .....go fall off a tree

    2. I can tell from your comment that you don't know Lacy very well, she is not the kind of person to immediately turn around after something like this and play the victim, I can assure you that mum always puts her kids first, and she would never neglect one of her kids that needs help, especially of the medical kind. So for you to assume that she has put patchwork class over Lacys health is just ludicrous. I know my family well enough to know that Lacy would have stood there and told mum that she was fine etc etc and that mum should go out to her class. People like you really fuck me off, judging people's actions when you don't know all the ins and outs of the situation. And for god sake learn to fucking spell, her name is Lacy, not Lacey. It's not like her name hasn't been correctly spelt in hundreds of my mums posts over the years.

    3. I just want to be clear beckyanne, I read your comment in a negative manner, that you thought my mum was putting her class ahead of lacys health. If you were meaning it in a positive way then forget about my comment :) Although the spelling thing still annoys me, I'm a bit of a spelling nazi sometimes.

    4. I did mean it in a positive way. Your mom is always putting everybody else first, so I was glad that she was doing something she enjoyed. I don't know the ins and outs of Lacy's life--but being attacked is traumatic and not the time to assign blame. I hope Lacy is okay.

    5. Yeah, she's gunna be fine, no silly little crow bar will stop that tart. Ya can't knock the sense out of the senseless! Stew said that last bit! We are kinda having fun with the comments now! *smiles*

    6. Anonymous9:42 PM

      Steve, you might be a "spelling Nazi" but you might want to check your own punctuation before you kick off! LOL!
      BeckyAnne, I knew what you meant and I too was glad Chris went to class.

  7. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Glad you enjoyed the class gee your day is hectic today hope Lacy feels better soon. Enjoying frosts and glorious sunshine here yay! finally a week of spring. It's me Blondie

  8. So glad you LOVED the class. It's a while now since I visited the shop so need a trip down there.

  9. Well if you do come down, let me know! We can 'do' lunch at mine. I'm only 12 minutes from Hamilton!

    1. Definitely. That would be fantastic.

  10. Anonymous6:18 PM

    People should stop being so quick to judge.

  11. Oh no, I'm gutted to hear what Lacy has been through. That is just so awful, that poor girl! I really hope that better things are coming her way too.

    I'm sure you can work on fattening her up with your good cooking. It's always good to have your mum to give you some TLC. :)



  12. ack stressful! Glad you had fun at the quilt class.


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