Saturday, August 13, 2016


I'm going to really enjoy this weekend!

Stew will get our number sign up... or he will be in BIG trouble!

We will do a few other little jobs around the house, then this afternoon Steve, Bex and the boys are due.

And you know what that means eh?  The Hobbit Playhouse is going to get built.  Yaaaa!!!!

AND... all going well, the guys will get the design wall built for me too.  Then I can attach the batting and calico and actually USE IT.

THEN... EVERYTHING will be done!  OMG,  that is going to be so awesome.

I can finally sit back and just enjoy our new home.  And get back into my sewing big time.

Totally looking forward to seeing the little boys too.  We really miss them.  It's been hard having to adjust to not seeing them almost every other day.

Right, I better go and do stuff.  Boring stuff like hang out the bloody washing and change sheets... mega ya hoo. *smiles*


Oh forgot to mention this yesterday... but I won't be taking my dogs back to the groomers we have been going to.  
Why?   I just don't like the groomer at all.  She's rough with the dogs, she scowls and comes across as mega grumpy.  I don't think she likes her job at all.

Need to try the Animates out at Te Rapa me thinks, unless anyone knows of a really good groomer in Cambridge or Hamilton???

Right, back to it... 




4.57 pm:  We are expecting Steve and Co. shortly.  Dinner is in the oven, a nice roast of pork.  Stew has concreted in the post for our pig weather vane, and I don't know what else!
He's been beavering away all afternoon on odd jobs.

I on the other hand, had a little nap!  Lazy tart!

7.30 pm: Well dinner turned out fab.  Roast pork that was juicy and tasty, with veges and gravy/apple sauce.  So yum.

Looking forward to a quiet ahhh, no not quiet, busy evening with toddler, preschooler and teenagers.  And Steve.  Cos he's in no way QUIET!  lol


  1. Enjoy your weekend. Hope all your jobs get done and you can get into your sewing room again.

  2. Nice ! Stands out well

  3. That looks awesome. Well done.

  4. Looks perfect your house number. You are mighty clever

  5. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Oh the gate sign looks fab hope you tested it out last night can't wait to see the hobbiton house up... bet the kids will want to visit all the time! It's me Blondie

  6. The sign looks great!


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