Sunday, August 28, 2016


Last night's evening out was OK.  Lovely to meet more of the people Stew works with in a casual setting.

Everyone had a good time ... lots of dancing, laughing, enjoying the company.
The theme was 'Oscar Night', so I spent a lot of time taking photos... which I didn't mind doing.

Here's a few that don't feature anyone, as I didn't bother to get permissions to post them.  

ABOVE:  This is the Gaslight Theatre in Cambridge, the venue for last nights event.
There's been a few improvements made to the building since this photo was taken.

 ABOVE:  This is the 'foyer' and bar area.  It was lovely... but got really hot once there were 3 dozen people in it!

 ABOVE:  Stew and I on the 'Red Carpet'.

 ABOVE: Stew getting some cool air outside.

 ABOVE: Yep, he wore THOSE shoes!  I love them, he always gets comments on them.  

 ABOVE: During the evening, there were 'Oscars' awarded to various staff members ... some of the categories were 'Tiger for Punishment', 'Most Hen Pecked', 'The Most Theatrical Fall', 'Super Duper Super User', 'Most Inappropriate', 'Crash Test Dummy' and 'Oh My God, What's Next'!
Some hilarity ensued when recipients went up to collect their 'Oscar'. 

ABOVE:  One of the group, NOT mentioning any names... having a quick nap before I took her back to her motel.  *smiles*

Later on this morning Stew will be going down to do the clean up.  There's not much to do, so I am staying home!

Brylee has Drama practise again today, so we won't be going anywhere I think.

Catch ya later, have a good day.


1.50 pm:  It's been a totally slow day.  No one got up early.  And nothing has been done!
We were going to go on a tiki tour of our area, but then I remembered that we have Kelly visiting this afternoon.

So... that's where we are at right now.  Just chillin.

4.24 pm:  And Kelly and Rena just left.
Kelly gave Stew an early Father's Day present... I will show you tomorrow what it is.

While they were here, Tallulah bit Kelly twice on the hand, and growled at her on/off the whole time!
Boy does she need to be trained/socialised fast.

The Dog Trainer is coming out in September to meet us and Tallulah, and give us a plan to follow to stop Tallulah's anti social behaviour.

ABOVE:  Luckily, Tallulah didn't mind Rena!  It would be a disaster if she suddenly didn't like children either.

*** Give me 10 minutes to update***

Stew is cooking tonight.  Yaaaa.  A night off.

I forgot to show Rena our Hobbit House!  Darn.  Oh well, next time she's out I will, and hopefully by then I will have some 'stuff' in it for kids to play with.  But not a bed, yeah, let's not go there!
Dr's and nurses comes to mind, or playing Mummy's and Daddy's.  Yeah NAH!  lol

11.20 pm: Well it's been a fairly cruisy day today... I even fell asleep in me chair just before dinner!  Stew... bless his heart... took a photo of me asleep.  Haven't even looked at it yet.  Maybe won't either.  lol


  1. Lol you both look gorgeous and I had to smile at the shoes. They are awesome. Was Henry there? Him and Kevin look really good in dress up lol. I say no more. Hope it's a beautiful sunny day up there for you. I can't believe the winter we've had this year. Could probably count the days on my fingers. Enjoy your day Chris.

  2. Wow Chris, I don't think I've seen you in black (with a splash of colour)... it really suits you and you both look very elegant. It's fun to dress up sometimes.

  3. Anonymous10:13 AM

    You looked beautiful! Stew's shoes are awesome. Glad you had a great time :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  4. Oh my gosh not thoses shoes. haha

  5. Love Stew's shoes. Did he win any Oscars?? Looks like a lovely venue too. Glad you got the job as paparazzi ;) Suits you xx

  6. Love dads shoes..

  7. Love your top/dress and his shoes!

  8. You both look great-not so the poor woman on the couch!

  9. What show is Brylee doing?

    1. Cool, quite an intense show, I reckon drama may just be her thing :-)

  10. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Chris you looked amazing and Stew those shoes love love them! Glad you had a great night out THAT would be me the sleeping woman on the couch lol IF I were out! It's me Blondie

  11. Gorgeous photo of you and Stew .... and love Stew's shoes!

  12. Wonderful photo of you both!

  13. Naughty Tallulah! I usually just put Rusty in my bedroom when people come over just in case he decides to take a nip.


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