Wednesday, August 03, 2016


I saw this on a Facebook page last night, and I really liked it:

I have the 'DREAM BIG' part down pat.
Now I just have to get the 'SMILE OFTEN' and 'LAUGH ALOT' sorted.  *smiles*

Now that the last year is in the past, life is looking so much happier.

I know that there will be more bumps along the way... but that's life.  

As for the last part, I AM so very thankful for what we have. And my darling Stew, for all he does to make our dreams happen.  He's my ROCK.  

Right, soppy part over!

Today I'm going to have a good hunt for my Fit Bit.  I already miss it!  I try to get my steps as close as possible to 10,000 a day, and the Fit Bit was the best 'counter' I'd ever had.

What else will I get up to?  Put the 2nd top coat on my pole/thing-a-mee and capping.  Then I can attach the numbers.  It's already looking neat with bright white paint.

I took a few photos outside yesterday:

ABOVE:  Neighbours.  I can see and hear them... they are behind my immediate neighbour's back fence. So they are pretty close.  I love cows.

ABOVE:  I am hoping that my succulents MIGHT pick up and survive in this unused corner.  It's North facing, so gets the sun, and it's protected from most of the predominant winds we get here.

ABOVE:  Looking at some of them, I might have to pray for a miracle.  The bromeliads are also almost dead.  *sigh*  I am hoping they have some pups that I can re-pot, as they all had flowers last summer.

So, that's me day sorta planned.  Painting, gardening, and hunting for me Fit Bit.


So, thanks to a couple of good tips from readers, I started my FIT BIT search this morning by going to my Fit Bit Dashboard, and found out what time it stopped recording steps.
Step One:  Done.

Step Two: Try to Sync my Fit Bit.  By walking around the house with my laptop, constantly hitting 'SYNC' I narrowed it down to my sewing room... where it SYNCED my Fit Bit.

So... it HAD to be in my sewing room, as the range isn't very large.  

Hitting 'SYNC'... over and over again... led me to the wardrobe!

So, I knew it had to be in there.  So I searched in every place I had touched yesterday... and..

ABOVE:  FOUND IT!  Yeah!!!!
I promptly punched a hole in the band so I can tie one side of the band to the other, so it never falls off again.  Cos, it has fallen off before, but I've always found it straight away.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who gave me tips to finding it.

NOW... I can get on with my painting.

Painting is done... and it will take a good day or so to dry, cos I put heaps of paint on!

After that... I did this:

ABOVE:  I have attached elastic to either side of the band, so now if it undoes, it won't fall off.  But I can still take it off to recharge the battery.

I bet there's hundreds of people out there who have the same problem... the bands can be undone easily without you being aware of it.  Wonder how many Fit Bits are lost because of that?  Poor design I say.

2.11 pm:  Well... I went shopping. How amazing is that (ha ha ha!).

ABOVE:  I had fun  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  I got an Easy Kneeler for when I'm in the garden... they are neat things.
I also got some more stationary.  Cos pens and the like don't last long in this house!  
I'm sure there's a phantom pen snatcher!

 ABOVE:  Salvation Army Thrift Store had these 4 cute little kids chairs, now ... they are ours.  Oh and I got a new back pack for walking the dogs... it will hold me drink, keys, doggy bags and so on.

So I visited quite a few places to get all that stuff, lots of walking.  So relieved I've got me Fit Bit back... *smiles*

10.10 pm:  Well, a quiet afternoon and evening ensued.  Nothing riveting happening.  Nice and normal.


  1. I hate it when I lose something! I hope your plants survive, amazing the difference in temperature between here and there!

  2. Add me on FitBit!
    Vincenzawall at

  3. Barbara1:11 PM

    I ended up ordering a set of fit bit clasps off Amazon so my fit bit alto wouldn't come off. You can just search it fit bit security band and a whole bunch come up But your idea is genius!!

  4. It is such a poor design! I lost 2!! Then I got the Blaze which has a watch type band/buckle.

  5. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Oh hoorah you found it I have a fitbit charge HR and it is like a watch strap so is excellent, at being done up undone etc no chance of losing etc.The cold/frost etc wont be helping the succulent make your own terrarium or hot house cover with plastic maybe? and uncover during day.Its me Blondie.

  6. Cute Chairs! Ps Griffin settled in now?

    1. Yeah he's fine now, thanks for asking.

    2. Awesome! Happy to hear that :)

    3. Awesome! Happy to hear that :)

  7. Imagine the steps you racked up looking for your Fit Bit :-)

  8. I have the charge HR too like other people and it's a watch type band so it's actually kind of hard to get off. I'm so glad you found yours!


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