Monday, August 29, 2016


Morning!  It's lovely Monday again.

Here is my latest idea for the next Dresden Plate Quilt:

ABOVE: Using a Kaffe Fassett print this time as a contrast. It's quite nice, not as light as I had planned, but it really does look good.

What do you think?   

I'm starting to wonder if I will ever make up my mind on this quilt!

 Now, here's what Kelly gave Stew for Father's Day...

ABOVE: A cute little bear that sings "Kamate Kamate", and a button picture of the Waikato Chiefs colours.  She spelled 'Waikato' like that cos it wouldn't fit otherwise!  Ingenious. 

Kelly won't be here on Father's Day as she is going on a holiday to visit my Mum (her Grandma) in Australia.  She leaves tomorrow. 

OK... time to go do something constructive.


When I got up, I had a sick headache, so I took a pill and went back to bed... till 10.30!
When I got up I decided to go into Hamilton and get Lacy some more clothes/underwear, as most of her stuff is now in Tauranga, in a house she can't get into anymore.

*sigh*... but hopefully that will eventually get sorted out.

We also went into The Warehouse, where I got 4 containers for sorting clothes into, in the laundry.  

ABOVE: The 4 black boxes are the new ones.  One for each of us.  (excluding Lacy, as she's not gunna be here for years!)

There's nothing I like better than things being organised and tidy.  *smiles*

We had lunch at the base after our shopping, and are now home for a quiet afternoon.

Happily, I spent the afternoon and early evening cutting out dresden plate blades.  Now ALL I have to do is sew them all together!
And that will take a bloody long time.

But, it will keep me busy.

I have my sewing trolley all ready for tomorrow's patchwork group in Hamilton.  I'm looking forward to it.

The rest of this evening I will be watching a few TV programmes.  Then bed.


  1. Great contrast in the Dresdan Plates now !

  2. I really like that contract on the dresden plates, it gives it a real pop, you are such a clever wee thing :-).

  3. I like the colors you have chosenthe contrast is spot on. Isn't Kelly creative just like her mum. Love the way she spelt YKATO.

  4. Love the colours on the Dresdan Plate…

  5. Why don't you use paint or something and put the pics of the plate together to see what they will look like when there are multiple ones?

    1. And I like this one more but would like to see what one of the colours (pink or purple)from the multi-coloured ones look like in the middle

  6. I LOVE this plate, very pretty!

  7. I love these colours!

  8. I love the contrast colours, and Stews Ykato pic is so neat, creative kids too ....


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