Friday, August 19, 2016


*** FORWARD POST***, which means I wrote this last night.

I fully intend on staying in bed this morning till at least 9 am!

Yesterday was weird, I was SO TIRED all day, even though I had chosen to drive to Auckland and shop... I couldn't shake the tiredness at all.

At one point Lacy opened the car's windows to keep me awake!  And it was FREEZING.

There was a massive fog all the way till we got to the top of the Bombay hills.  Brrrrr.

So, I'm going to sleep in, and after that, I will decided what to do today.

Catch ya later.


WELL!  I slept in till 9.45 am!

***Earlier content edited... deleted in fact.  I will be deleting comments too.  Wasn't necessary on my part to bitch.

On the good side... I got my blood tests done today... only been 5 weeks since I was supposed to have them done.  The lady at the lab here was LOVELY.  She used a baby needle and I hardly felt it.  So relieved.

2.24 pm:  back from Hamilton.  Lacy has to get physiotherapy for her shoulder/neck... hopefully she gets back on some sort of benefit by next week, so she can get herself where she needs to be.  

I'm now going to have a little relax before doing something 'normal' about the house.  Like getting dinner sorted out, maybe getting some washing on... bla bla bla.

Grumpiness rubs off.  Feeling like crap now.  Wish I'd not said anything.  Going to delete earlier bits from today. 

Stew just got home... with something we have been waiting for.   Months of waiting in fact!
Will show you tomorrow what it is. 

For now... it's Friday night and Coronation Street will be on later!  Excellent.  Might even have a couple of tipples.  I feel like a tipple.


  1. Hope you enjoyed your day! Because we have sunny dry winters here, spring is already air, temps in the middle twenties. Using AC is the car

  2. When I drove up to AKLD on Wed night it was 630pm clear road and no traffic and I made Remuera by 940pm!! I wanted to drive in no frost or fog etc because I would have had to wait until thurs morning mid morning to travel, I spent the whole day washing cleaning cooking for kids and thoroughly enjoyed it went to BED knackered..... errr Hope the mood improves for all!

  3. hope you ladies are having a better day now... :)

    1. NOT. And who ya calling 'ladies'? *SNORT*

    2. At least it got you to laugh! hehe

  4. Good on you for deleting, Chris...she is having a tough time just like you are.

  5. Hope you get some relaxing done and feel better.


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