Saturday, August 06, 2016


Last night, I stopped Tallulah from hogging the dog food, and let Coco have some first.
When Tallulah went towards the food bowl, I stuck my foot out to stop her, and the little bugger went to BITE ME!

I was horrified and whacked her on the head immediately.

Clearly, that wasn't quite the right thing to do... but it was instinctive.  

I MUST get her into training asap... her behaviour is getting worse!  I have our name down for joining Dog Obedience training in a few weeks time.  ANON:  I checked out, but I think weekly dog obedience classes will be better for us.

Tallulah needs more socialisation, and I need to reiterate who's the boss in this house.  Somehow or other, she's started thinking she is top dog!  Ahhh, nope.  I AM!

Now ... on to today.

Jobs around the house.  Jobs in the yard.  Get our number sign up.  That I can't wait for, I'm over painting, getting the freakin' number 'plate' right etc.

I just want to see it up now.

Not sure what else is on.  Probably fuss over Keera a bit, let her play in the yard if it's not raining.  I found an awesome playground by accident the other day, it would be nice if we can check it out later on today too.

Right, that's all for now... catch ya later.


1.19 pm:  And it's been a busy morning.  The previous owners arrived bang on time and proceeded to dig the fig trees out and all the camellias.
Their children came inside out of the rain and happily watched TV and ate biscuits.  So cute.

Once they left we went down to Mitre 10 and bought 2 feijoa trees and a mandarin and a tangelo.  Also some herbs.

Stew is right now planting the trees and putting more compost in the garden for the herbs.

I've just had my lunch and will join him outside I think.  It's called supervising.  lol

And bugger that!  It's absolutely FREEZING outside!
Talk about winter finally arriving.  I'm afraid I scurried back inside and left Stew to it!

 ABOVE:  before the figs and camellias were taken away.

 ABOVE:  4 new fruit trees where there were only two big figs before.

ABOVE:  This is where we will be growing herbs.  And in summer there will be lettuces here too.

ABOVE:  Tallulah is so weird.  She growls at Lacy, but curls up on Keera's lap.  She follows Keera around the house even!  I think she is used to little kids and doesn't mind them too much.  Luckily, as Keera is going to be a regular weekend visitor from now on.

Well it's the end of the day, and I for one an pleased... cos tomorrow we are going to Auckland for a day trip.  I miss Auckland a bit I think.


  1. Dog training is so important. I used to go to dog training years ago when we had a golden retriever and it's really helpful for everyone. Nice that you can fuss over Keera - I hope you all have a lovely day.

  2. I hope everything works out on the family front. Im sure your street number pole will look awesome.have a good day, its raining here in Auckland so hope the weather is better I'm Cambridge.

  3. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Hi Chris, anon was me Surrey, from Hamilton. Clare Is a friend of mine and an excellent dog trainer she has three dogs of her own she uses during training as well..but she does work at Hamilton Dog Obedience club so chances are you might run in to her there if that is where your going.

  4. First thing too do is don't let Tallulah on your lap or stews keep her on the floor . Yes she thinks she's boss. Doing this she will learn she is way down the food chain where she should be . X x good luck

  5. Tallulah will settle down with some training I'm sure. I know our Bichon, Napoleon, becomes more dominant/agressive when the household routine is upset. Fortunately, our other Bichon, Casper, is totally laid back. And they go to Camp Bow Wow once or twice a week for socialization, and to run their legs off. It really helps.

  6. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Ha Camp Bow Wow that sounds awesome! Tallulah not in season again? I don't know much about dogs. The weather has been shocking our way too we had SNOW today! It's me Blondie

    1. Tallulah will never be 'in season' again. I had her de-sexed for her own good. Motherhood did not suit her. I heard you had snow! How cool... or not! It was freezing here today too, but no snow of course.


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