Sunday, August 21, 2016


One of the ladies I go to Patchwork with here in Cambridge told me about an adult exercise circuit in the Domain, and yesterday we found it.

ABOVE:  It's actually a really good circuit too!

 ABOVE:  Marty, Jacqui, Joel and Griffin had fun on some of the equipment, that's for sure.  *smiles*

 ABOVE: Also in the Domain is bowls, petanque, tennis courts, and I can't  remember what else!
It's a lovely park for sure.

 ABOVE:  I love taking photos of interesting trees.  There's something about how the branches twist and turn that I find lovely.

 ABOVE:  How's this for an interesting home?   It's opposite the Domain.  I really like it.  It sure has street appeal.  Makes my home look very staid and humble.

Too bad.  I love our home!  It's perfect for us.

 ABOVE:  We watched this hawk searching for his dinner.

ABOVE: Isn't it cool!  I'm quite proud of this photo!

NOW... today.

We are going into town (Hamilton) to do a few jobs.  Kids need some stationary.  I want to exchange the muzzle I got for Tallulah for one that fits her.

Can't think what else yet.... 


2.20 pm:  Well.. we got up, did a little housework then headed into town.

You know how we got a couple of new Britto figurines the other day eh?  Well that's because a new shipment just arrived in the country.

There were a couple of other ones we really liked, so.. ummm...

ABOVE:  We got them!  Now we are going to try and track down a Road Runner, to go with Wiley Coyote!  Hopefully there's one somewhere?

While out, we got Griffin some new shoes...

ABOVE:  Friggin size 15!  And on SALE, down from $300 to $180.  Still bloody expensive.  That boy better stop growing now!  It's really hard finding shoes that big.

After that we got some school stationary, and  had lunch at the Base then came home.
It's a stunningly gorgeous day out there!   And all I feel like doing is having a nap.  Might even do just that.  *smiles* 

Well... a nice day turned to custard fairly fast.

 Better sign off for the day before I say more.


  1. That is an amazing hawk photo. Very impressive. Is that a single family home? Lots of space in there I bet. And as for that park! What a cool place! I sometimes miss living in the city because of stuff like that! You seem to live in a great area!

    1. It looks to be a single family home, must be huge inside! Yes, Cambridge is a gorgeous little town. We love it here.

  2. The photo of the hawk is incredible!!! Not so much the photos of tweedledum and tweedledee on the excercise equipment.....

  3. What a great place to go and exercise!! Fantastic photo of the have every right to feel very proud of it!!

    1. Aww neat photos. Love your shoes Griffin!

  4. My son also wears size 15 shoes. I highly recommend a site called "Eastbay" for shoes. As long as you know what size he is in a specific brand you should be ok. My son plays basketball in State League so lots of big boys and nearly all of them get there shoes from there.

  5. What a gorgeous park to have in your area. I love those exercise equipment parks - I wish we had some near us (might encourage this couch potato to get off her couch!). Sorry to hear your day hasn't ended the best - I hope tomorrow is a better day.

  6. SIZE 15 ARE YOU CRAZY! My kid would have to wear sandals all the time and let his toes hang off at that price!! lol

  7. We have one of those adult playgrounds near my office...I keep meaning to walk over at lunch time.

  8. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Great park idea what a fun way to incorporate exercise, Size 15 ye gads at least there are places now where you can buy bigger... years ago not so much. Love the new Britto pieces.It's me Blondie

  9. Ack you're going to have to go online to find some shoes for him now. We have Famous Footwear that has quite a few larger size options so that is good. So far Scott is a 14 and Trevor is a 12 (at age 13).


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