Friday, August 05, 2016


When Stew got home last night, the first thing I asked him was what did he think of the number sign?

Like me, he didn't really think it was OK, too home made-ish looking.

So, back to the beginning I go.

I'm just going to cut a rectangular piece of ply, paint it white and mount the numbers on it.

No black border... it's too hard to get it perfect.

So, that's my job this morning.  

Totally looking forward to the weekend.  This week has dragged.  And it's been wet, wet, wet.
Slowly getting sick of the rain.

BUT... I really can't complain!  We have only had a couple of frosts and fogs so far this winter.... well since we moved here that is.

The Waikato is notorious for freezing frosts and pea soup fogs.  So, what's a bit of rain?  It rained heaps in Auckland too.  

All going well... sometime this weekend the fig trees and camellias will be taken away.  Then we can get the fruit trees we want and plant them.  Yaaa.  

I've also got a job for His Nibs tomorrow.  I would like a raised garden where the 'dead' succulents are, so I can put the succulents in there and hope they revive.

That's why I'm glad it's Friday, just a few more days and hopefully most of the things we wanted done around the yard will be done too.

Oh well... I'm getting ahead of myself.  Better bugger off and do some housework before I make the 2nd number sign.


I nicked this photo off Steve's blog.... cos I could.

ABOVE:  this is Archer trying to eat Steve's pork chop.... right off the plate, hands free!  Little bugger, he can get away with it cos he is just so CUTE!  I can't wait to see him on Sunday.  Him and Dante, and their parents of course.  *smiles*

Watching.... paint dry. Yeah my most favourite thing to be doing. . . . .

4.27 pm: I've spent the afternoon doing bugger all.  Lots of shit going around in my head right now.

Lacy arrived for the weekend.  Could be for longer.  Like, much longer.  Trying to sort things out in a way that works for everyone.  

And I really don't mind the lack of comments... NO REALLY!  I may feel all on my own on blogworld, but I know I'm not.  Not really.  You all just love reading and then buggering off eh?  lol
Not that I can talk!  I hardly ready any blogs anymore.  Busy busy busy.

Thanks girls... your comments cheered me up no end.

I've picked up Keera so she can spend the weekend with us, and her and Lacy have gone to bed.

I'm catching up on Coronation Street now... bliss.


  1. Anonymous11:35 AM


    Everything is looking good, I didn't realise your home was so rural, when I saw the pics of the cows, it looks like you are near paddocks...very nice, I can hear cows from my house from time to time and also see kangaroos, native bird life in my garden, blue tongue lizards which are lovely and even a brown snake came one year!! ekk!



  2. Always there for your children Chris xo

  3. I do love reading your blog Chris but i hardly ever get around to commenting. I hope you can get things sorted out so it works well for all of you. Sus

  4. have a good weekend!! Christy x

  5. Think about you stew and B and G....x x x x put yourselves first x x

    1. Up to a point, yes. But I would never turn my back on one of my family if I am in the position to help them. I would never forgive myself if I turned my back and something BAD happened.

  6. I'm here! Just busy and stuff.

  7. I'm here too, I read most days. I usually grab a quick glance on my phone before my toddler decides he wants my attention again, so don't comment much. Great pic of Archer:-)

  8. I'm on holiday... still reading clearly :)

  9. My comments when I post on my iPhone NEVER get published so I have given up! Will always comment if I'm on a computer

  10. Always here!
    Steve has a blog?!

    1. Yes, he started just a couple of weeks ago. It's private, but if you give me your email addy I will forward it on to him.

    2. He's only accepting readers that I know and can vouch for, or personal friend's of his.

  11. Anonymous10:23 PM

    He he he coro is getting so interesting 😁 Tania in aucklsnd

  12. Today is meet teachers day for my 17 year old daughter. Once again I feel like I dropped the ball. This parenting thing never ends.

    1. Yeah, tell me about it! You have two, I've got 8. Swap? lol

  13. Anonymous5:58 AM

    You're an amazing momma! Hugs! ~Nicole in CA

  14. Mhoops im one that reads your blog everyday but doesnt comment very often. But I feel for you. It's hard to see your kids not coping. look after yourself.


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