Thursday, August 11, 2016


Look what I forgot to show you yesterday!
Some really funky cows from Morrinsville.  That town has cows on almost every corner in the town's shopping centre:

 ABOVE:  This was by far the best in my eyes.  Totally constructed with metal, AMAZING!  Lacy particularly liked the pierced teat!

ABOVE:  Most of the other cows were like these two, but all with different paint jobs.  They are awesome.

Today I'm going to trim the number sign down a bit so it swings/hangs under the thing-a-mee above it.
Thanks for pointing out that little aspect Lynda *smiles*.

After that I am going to sew the calico strips together for my design wall.  I might even quilt the batting I bought yesterday to it.  Then on the weekend we can attach it to the board, then the wall.

I will also be doing the usual housework, but now that Lacy is here, I can get her to do some odd jobs too.

Hmmmm... what to make her do!  There's quite a few jobs I can think of.  She won't be idle for long.  ha ha.

So, a stay at home day today.  Tomorrow we are going to Hamilton again, as Coco has a grooming appointment.  And I can do the grocery shopping then too.  But, that's tomorrow.

Let's get on with today...


1.32 pm:  totally enjoying today.  Getting lots done...

 ABOVE: LOVE LOVE LOVE my big kitchen bench!  It's perfect for this sort of thing.  

 ABOVE:  Karen J, your gorgeous chooky door stop is very handy as a weight!

I got Lacy doing jobs:



And she's also had to clean the back door/window and step where the dogs come and go through.  It was looking hideous. 
It's clean now.  Score.

ABOVE:  I finally got my copper fish on their board, now just have to find somewhere to hang them.  *sigh*  STILL not sure where, and we have been here 2 months now!

I've just had left overs for lunch, and now?  Off to tidy myself up, we are going out for the evening.

Our son-in-law's company are having a Grand Opening of their new store tonight, so Stew and I are going.  

The kids will be having dinner at the mall on their own while we are there.  The stores at the same mall, so all good.

CONDOLENCES to Gordon and Kelly, on the passing of his Dad today.  

10.21 pm:  Well I ended up going into Hamilton on my own.  The kids stayed here with Lacy.
Stew and I enjoyed a few hours together, and attended the Opening of the new Cruiseabout Store.

Home in time to watch a couple of TV programmes before bed.


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Dum De Dooooooo :p

  2. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Gee even though we say there not much to do we all still find plenty of little jobs that need doing?!! Why is that Hoping the weekend stays fine for the Hobbiton House to go up. It's me Blondie

  3. If you run out of stuff for Lacy to do send her my way, my house is a disaster I could literally keep her busy for weeks :-).

    1. Anonymous11:01 PM

      What is this 'run out of stuff' thing you speak of lol......we are talking about Ma Harvey here...there is never nothing to be done in Ma's house lol, it may always be tidy but then Ma always has some project or 'something' on the go lol �� #2

    2. Haha good point :-)

  4. Glad old chook has come in handy! Lol.

  5. Lacy is looking happy and healthy xx

    1. Yeah, the rate she's going she will eat us out of house and home! She never stops eating! Not that I mind too much... though I think I upset her when I told her she couldn't have another donut! lol She can have some more tomorrow.

    2. Anonymous8:07 AM

      Haha cheeky biartch lol

  6. The cows are fun!


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