Wednesday, August 24, 2016



What ya doing on this Hump Day?

I have a feeling I am going to be sewing today.

Because I worked on my Dresden Plate yesterday, today I am going to work on a UFO.

I've not decided which one yet...but you can be sure I will show you.  lol

Here's a mock up of how the new Dresden Plate block will look like:

ABOVE:  The photo was taken last night, so the colours of the blades are not the best.
What do you think?  Stew thinks it is lacking something... ???

I think I have to do a full block then have another look at it.  That half block isn't even stitched together yet.

So, that's me for the beginning of the day.
Off to get some washing on, then sew, sew, sew.


Slept on it... thought about it a lot... and tried this first thing this morning:

ABOVE:  This one has sparkly silver running through the fabric.

ABOVE:  What do you think now?  Or should I still try and find more contrasting colours for the fins?

If I went this way, I would have white sashings.

I am leaning towards the bottom one more than the top one.

And just for the hell of it... I'm now going to Te Aroha (under an hour away), to check out a fabric shop there!  


TINA:  Ahhhh mate, what pink?  There ain't no pink in it at all. *smiles*  edit:  seems the white looks pink to some people! I can assure you it's white though!

2.04 pm:  And I'm home from Te Aroha.  It was an easy drive, took me 45 minutes to get there.

I found the one and only fabric shop there, and bought 1 piece of fabric.  Sadly, they didn't have any to suit my Dresden Plate quilt.

ABOVE:  It's a very lovely, vibrant fabric! 

After that shop, I wandered the street.  Found a really awesome gift shop named ADDICTIONS.  I mentally spent a few thousand in there... but contained myself and only got 3 little things:

ABOVE:  A very sweet little bird melamine tray (cos... like.. I really need MORE melamine trays!), some cute flower earrings and a nautical tin box.  

After shopping modestly, I came home.  All is good here.   

OH!  Someone sent some lovely flowers, no idea who they are from, or even if they are meant for us!  They could be meant for the previous owners for all I know.

So, I rung the flower shop they came from, and hopefully when the florist gets back from lunch, I can find out who sent them.

The mystery of the flowers is solved.  As I suspected, Lacy bought them. 
I just asked the florist to describe the person who bought them! Lacy to a 'T'.  She owned up after I called her on it.  *smiles*

Silly girl shouldn't be spending money on flowers! 

ABOVE:  They are very pretty though.  Thank You Lacy.

So, did I get back to sewing?
No, no I did not!

Instead, I took everything out of the Britto Cabinet and anchored the cabinet to the wall.  It was a bit wobbly, and every time I looked at it I remembered it needed to be done.

So.  I did it.  And now everything is back in, and it's coming up to dinnertime.  We are having takeaways tonight.

After dinner I intend doing some sewing.

Well, we finally found an excellent fish 'n' chip place here in Cambridge.  The Queen Vic on Victoria Street.  Amazing hot dogs!  Lovely fresh fish and really lovely chips.

It's turned cooler tonight, so I'm snuggled under me blankie, waiting for The Midwives to start.


  1. Hump Day and I am off to golf hoping the rain holds off till we have finished. Then hopefully a bit of sewing. Love the colours of your Dresden but I agree with Stew-to e it needs something to lift it-my opinion only of course!

  2. I don't have an artistic bone in my body ��Chris but I do agree it looks a bit "flat" - maybe some yellow?. Wish I had 10% of your talent and patience xo

  3. What does it look like with a darker blue or even white centre? It does look a bit flat.

  4. Defiantly needs some contrast in that block. This hump day I will be making some more strip pieced blocks. I started them for some mindless sewing but son has claimed them for a car quilt. Size ? " Oh just big enough to cover me when I sleep in the car" !

  5. Gorgeous colours in your Dresden, very 'you'!!! I think you simply need more contrast as the colour values you have are very similar. Have you got a Ruby Beholder?? Great for seeing which are light, medium and dark. It's sometimes not so obvious when we look at colours together. A bit of red cellophane would work if you don't, just look at the colours through it :).

    1. Never heard of that Joy! I will certainly be giving it a go.

  6. I love the various shades of blue.... I wouldn't add contrast shades!!! xxx

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Personally for me, not the pink. I love the different shades of blue. Maybe silver?

  9. Aww Lacy, that was really sweet :-)

  10. Yup, I'm seeing pink as well - I'm guessing from your edit above, Chris, that it's meant to be white not pink? I think maybe a darker contrast, dark blue or a darker green/blue? It looks amazing, I'd never have the patience to do that sort of precision work.

  11. When I saw the half block, I immediately thought it needed more contrast. The two blocks with white are nice. Perfect fix. The colors are too similar otherwise.

  12. I like the blues in your Dresden Plate but it just needs q darker blue, maybe a batik or something that contrasts with the lighter blues.

  13. I like the blue and the blue and white but I could be sold on a darker blue or a blue/green WHO knows until I see the options I can't really be swayed (im no help really).

  14. Nice quilt pattern. Glad to see you're getting back to a more normal routine. Wish I had a hobby. Lovely flowers. Enjoy.

  15. Oh wow, maybe I am colourblind!! Definitely looks pink in the first photo with the white. More so than the second photo. Can't wait to see what you decide on.

  16. I was thinking it was very pastel looking too! Maybe some darker threads? Very nice of Lacy to send you flowers <3


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