Monday, August 22, 2016


Well... today I'm going to take some of the Dresden Plate blades I've cut out, and stitch their tops at class today.

I say 'class', but really it's just a hall where ladies meet and sew/yak and sometimes have demonstrations by other people.

I'm not sure I'm enjoying this 'class'.  But I will persever, if only because it's a way of intergrating myself into the community.

What else do I have on today?  NOTHING!
When I get home I will have lunch, then probably do some more cutting out of DP blades.  It's going to take days and days to cut out all I need!

I forgot to mention yesterday... the lady who served us in Acquisitions in the mall, and sold us the two new Britto Figurines, is an avid sewer like me.

She LOVED my Cute Bag (which I was using that day), so I gave her the link to find the pattern on my blog.  She was so thrilled!  It made my day.

Now I just need to make the best of this day... and try to enjoy the company at the class.  It's hard 'breaking' into a long standing, existing group though. 


2.14 pm:   And Hi!   Class today WAS much nicer than other days.  As you say, I just have to give it time.  I can't leave now anyway...

ABOVE:  I am now an 'official' member of the Cambridge Patchworkers.  *smiles*

After class I came home, picked up Tallulah and Lacy and we went into Hamilton to find the 'right' muzzle for Tallulah.

 ABOVE:  The poor girl... we will have to re-name her Hannibal!   The muzzle training has started as of today, so hopefully by the time next term's Dog Obedience training starts, she will be used to it. 

ABOVE:  Right now though, she has decided to pack a sad and go to sleep, with it on!  At least she's not fighting to get it off.

I've got WW's tonight, again, not expecting anything good.  Just NOT in the right groove.  But I shall keep trying, cos I ain't gunna give up again.

Well the muzzle lasted half an hour, then she pulled it off.  So, it's going back to the shop.  Darn.  I may have to try and make something that fits her super short snout myself.

8.52 pm:  WW tonight, I lost a stellar .100 grams!  Suppose it's better than another gain.

Enjoyed a lovely dinner of macaroni cheese with onion and polonies.  


  1. I know how hard it can be to break into an existing group but keep at it. I joined a local "crafternoon" a couple of years ago and found it very intimidating at first but love them now. It takes time for the dynamics to settle.
    Looking forward to seeing the new DP come together.

  2. It may take a wee while but I am sure once the group see that you are coming regularly and see your fantastic personality they will welcome you with open arms and you will be one of them in no time.

  3. Poor puppy with the muzzle. I had no idea they made them that small!!

  4. Glad today's class ended up being better, and I love the badge. You have been accepted!

  5. Tell lacy that she just has to keep the muzzle on, it's for her own good haha

    1. I bloody tried to but the dam thing just wouldn't fit properly and no sip hole for berzies or man got to have my berzies and pizza :p

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Lol. Somehow I managed to reply to a comment instead of adding a new one! I'm glad you are loving your new home and slowly settling in. Everything is still madness at my house on the boyfriend front! :)

  7. Takes time to feel part of an established group. How could they not love you once they get to know you?

  8. Anonymous7:50 AM

    See now look you are sewing again with fervour, and the groups will get better I'm sure. That muzzle is cute and horrifying at the same time lol. Dogs they can wriggle outta anything at times. Good luck with that. It's me Blondie

  9. HAHA. I just like to scroll down to see Tallulah in the Hannibal mask. It's such a funny picture. My friend had a soft velcro muzzle for her little dog. I am sure you could make one easily.

  10. lol she does look like Hannibal! Poor baby lol.


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