Tuesday, August 09, 2016


Well I was asked last night "Where have I put the Britto?"... so here it is:

ABOVE:  It's in this corner of the combined Kitchen/Dining/Family room.

JANINE:  as requested, my Britto, in all it's glory...

 ABOVE:  JANINE, I hope the one you are interested in, is in this lot?

Today I am going out to get another recycling container from the Council, as we have too much for the piddly arse, small one that is provided... and the rubbish collectors won't pick up the extra bag of plastic bottles we put out by the road.  Arseholes pick it up one week, then not the next week... it's doing our heads in.

So, depending on the cost of another 'council approved' recycling bin, I will either buy one or just take the bottles to the dump (which has free recycling drop off), every couple of weeks.

The other thing I'm going to do while out is get some stackable plastic boxes for Lacy to use in the spare bedroom.  She's got nothing to put her clothes in, and there's no space in there to put a set of drawers.  It's only a 3m X 3m room, with a large Queen size bed in it already.  

So, a couple of jobs first up for me, then who knows?

I feel like starting on my considerable stack of sewing UFO's.  It's about time I did something!


1.17 pm:  Well... I got a new recycle box for a measly $22!  So now ALL our recycling will be picked up by the collectors.  Yaaa.

Lacy has gone over to Tauranga to sort out some WINZ stuff, then coming back later this afternoon.  Hopefully she can get her dental work done over here too.

I've been doing some housework, hung out heaps of washing and so on.  It's an awesome day today, fine and freezing!  lol

5.27 pm: worst decision ever.... try to re-arrange stuff in the garage at 4.30 pm. Now I'm mega crabby... and I haven't even started thinking about dinner for the family. Grrrrr.

Now outside Collage picking up Brylee....

And what DIDN'T get done today?  Sewing.  Always on the back burner, sewing room constantly being used at the dumping/holding ground for other shit.  Sick of it. 

That's why I attacked the garage.  Now at least, I have some extra shelving room in the garage.

Tonight's dinner ended up being left overs, and odds n sods from the fridge.  We toss out far too much food, that simply gets too old in the fridge... but I'm trying to cut down on wastage.

After dinner... TV and not much else.


  1. There's a small gift shop in my local mall which sells these figurines. I wouldn't have known what they were if I hadn't seen yours :)

  2. Hi ...have you used the roof space yet for storage? I also didn't know about the figurines. I love them they are so bright and colourful.

  3. Yes, our son Steve put in the attic ladder and put flooring up in the roof space about 3 weeks ago. It's wonderful... so handy to use for storage. And I love my Britto because it's fun and bright and colourful. I love colour!

  4. The Britto always makes me smile, the colours but the figurines also. Recycling yes we only get one bin then a glass only bin and all other has to be in a box?!! oh well rubbish collectors they do a hard job rain hail or shine.. Hopefully next week you will get to sew?

  5. I know what you mean, although in my case that is my study, not the sewing room. When you do get in there you have to sort lots of stuff before you can even start!

    Penny xo

  6. Give your food scraps to the neighbours for the chooks. They can't have avacado or potato, girls at work give me all their scraps and my 5 chooks are fat and happy and I give the girls at work eggs so it's a win, win!!

  7. Love the display case, they are so pretty. My bedroom always becomes the dumping ground. Mostly on my desk which is my "crafting" spot. Which is why I never get any crafting done lol.

  8. Thanks for that Chris!! I got to see what I needed. I do love the Britto.


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