Tuesday, August 23, 2016


This morning I'm off to my 2nd patchwork class in Hamilton.
Looking forward to it heaps.

The ladies in this patchwork class go to lunch after the class, and they invited me last week, so I might just join them this week.  We can play ladies!  lol

While I'm out and about, I think Lacy is going to be in town too... sorting out stuff of her own.

I am going to return the 2nd dog muzzle after class.  I'm sure I can knock something up that will work to keep her from biting people and other dogs.  I hope.

So, that's all I have for now!  Catch ya later...


3.38 pm:  Class was nice this morning, I got quite a few blades sewn up.
No one was going to lunch today!  So I came home and prepared our dinner (Beef, bacon and tomato stew), then had some left overs for my lunch.

Now I'm happily watching Midsummer Murders on the TV!   Nice way to relax in the afternoon... though I should be doing something like housework!

Yeah.. NAH.

9.58 pm:  Well clearly it's been a very quiet afternoon!  Lacy has been out all day, and isn't home yet.
Hopefully she doesn't make any noise when she gets in... cos we are light sleepers.


  1. Definitely go to lunch with them, that is all part of the bonding and I love my lunches with the girls, it is always such a laugh :-)

  2. Agreed. Go "do" lunch!

  3. Hope you did go to lunch and had a great time.

  4. Housework ����

  5. night night Ma, see you in the morning

  6. night night Ma, see you in the morning


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