Saturday, August 20, 2016


Can you believe it?  There are no plans for the weekend!

Apart from NORMAL stuff around our home and section.

The start of many years of happy weekends here in Cambridge.

I know Stew wants to mow the lawns, and paint the Hobbit House... yeah.  I didn't get to it after all, this past week!

Procrastination.  Must be where some of the kids get it from.  ME.  *smiles*

I don't know where the week went really... it's flown by.

I shall be getting the end of week washing done today, before the weather goes to shit again.

Stew picked up something we had ordered months ago last night.

Our first 'Cambridge' Britto!  As in, the first we have bought since we got here...

 ABOVE:  We ordered them months ago!  They are gorgeous, Stew and I love them.

1.17 pm:  And we have done heaps this morning.
Stew has painted the Hobbit House, and mown the lawns.

I've got heaps of washing done and hung outside.  And lots of other little jobs around the house.  

ABOVE:  Head down, bum up!

We had visitors this afternoon.  Marty, Jacqui and their two kids.  It was neat to catch up... then we got dragged out to go for a walk.

So we walked around the local lake, very pretty it was too.  Followed the walk up with a Gelato ice cream.  YUM.

Said bye to our visitors just before dinner time.

Stew and I got all the washing in and are now watching the news on the TV.  Dinner tonight will be left overs from lunch, and anything else from the fridge.

Here's a few photos from today's walk, I will post a few more tomorrow...

 ABOVE:  Jacqui decided to have a run.  That's her in the red jacket.  She ran about 50 metres, and that was her run over!  lol

 ABOVE:  It's a lovely little lake, and there's several ways to walk around it.  Around the base or above on a footpath level with the road.  The lake is down in a natural gully.

ABOVE:  Walking around the little lake, named Te Ko Utu.  It's within the Domain, a stone's throw from the main shopping centre of town.

As it's the middle of winter, it wasn't as pretty as it could be.  I can't wait to see it in summer.

The trees will look much better with leaves.  *smiles*

Winding down for the evening now.  


  1. Ooh I do love those ones too. Enjoy your relaxing weekend.

  2. I love your new Brito!

  3. I love your new Brito!

  4. Hope you are having a better day today Lacy x

    1. hi Miss Bumble Bee :) I am really trying to feel better honestly but I'm still just really sore and uncomfortable :( so can't wait to be back to 'normal' again so can sort my self out and yea.
      How are you doing, hope where ever you are you are happy and healthy and life is treating you well :)

  5. Sounds like a lovely day. Leftovers & fridge/pantry surprise is one of my favourite meals :-).

  6. Short sleeves? Tee shirts? Don't you know it's the middle of winter? Damnit girl, it must be warmer in Hamilton than it is on the (so-called) sunny Kapiti Coast!

  7. So pretty! I just love that little hobbit house!


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