Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Today I am going to try and get a hair appointment.  I've not had me colour done in ages... the regrowth is horrendous.

I've been kinda distracted by other things lately, so kept putting it off.  With any luck I can get an appointment today, or tomorrow.

While I'm out I will also send back Brylee's PE shorts, they are too small.  The company will replace them free, which is great.

Talking of uniforms... :

ABOVE: They both seem to be very happy with their new uniforms.  I can't believe how big these kids are now!  It's like every time we move, they are so much bigger.

I hope our next home is our 'permanent' home!

It's the last day of May.  What does that mean?


Right, I'm off to make me bed and get ready to go out for a while.


I didn't get my  hair done.  I have to wait until Friday.  All good.  I had a good wander around the local mall, then I got a few groceries and came home.

Then... I had a nana nap!  And woke up when the kids got home from school!

Bloody hell, that killed most of the afternoon!

TV was good tonight.  Happy Valley is shaping up to be riveting again.


  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Whooo hoooo! 10 sleeps! B & G look so grown up!!!!!

  2. Enjoy getting pampered at the salon. B & G look lovely in their new uniforms.

  3. Look at those young people! They are gorgeous - I think they are Real Keepers!!!!!!!!!!! You and Stew have done a wonderful job.

  4. Love the uniforms. So classic. They are both growing up so fast.

  5. Wow he kids are growing. Griffin must be nearly as tall as Stew??? All these years of hard work, unconditional love and caring Chris and look how amazing these kids look. Before you know it you'll be home alone!,

  6. The kids really do look more responsible and sophisticated than my jeans and t-shirt son. Your kids look super fabulous. I am really excited for your move. Post before and afters of your hair!

  7. Your body obviously needed that nana nap :-)

  8. B and G look very smart indeed. Well done you for the great job you've done raising them !

  9. Those uniforms are very smart indeed. YOU so needed that nap I mean shivers you are going to be FLAT out moving shifting rearranging rearranging some more OH and rearranging one last time lol .......

  10. Anonymous9:09 PM

    You sure the kids are happy to leave their old school and school friends? They sure look unhappy to me. It's the eyes Chris, dead giveaway.
    Dorothy Yiannis, Kansas

    1. You're a dick head!!

    2. That comment was directed to Dorothy not you Chris!!

    3. Well said Bec

    4. Anonymous11:00 PM

      That was outright unnecessary of you Dorothy to comment. The kids eyes look fine to me!! Next time you haven't nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. Think and wish happy positive thoughts for people and you may find you'll have no need to try and upset people. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but yours was not necessary!

    5. Hmmmm... I know who left that comment. And her name ain't 'Dorothy'. Certain characteristic just stand out sometimes in a comment. Shame she doesn't realise it, cos if she did she wouldn't be so dumb as to leave such a comment. I KNOW YOU TOO WELL 'ANON'.

  11. Anon is a twat, who ever it maybe. No one knows those kids better than the people raising them.


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