Sunday, May 15, 2016


Well, we are going back to Hamilton of course!

Steve and Bex and coming too... so Steve can cast his builder's eye over the house in question.

There's actually two houses top of the list, so if we miss out on one, we can always go for the other one.  They are both beautiful homes.  Each have their pro's and con's, because no home is PERFECT unless you build it yourself, and you know exactly what you want.

ANON from last night:  I just have to point out something.  Get your facts right before you mouth off.
NONE of my children are STEP CHILDREN.  Stew adopted my first 4 kids, so they are legally HIS KIDS.
We treat all OUR KIDS equally, and no matter what they do with their lives, we love them, no matter what.

Our finances are none of your f**king business either!

Now, how about you crawl back under your bridge, you petty troll.  

Ya know, I often read nasty comments and all I can think of is... they are JEALOUS of my life.  Why else would they try to bring me down?  Pity it doesn't work. Total waste of effort. 


4.22 pm:  and a successful day!
Steve took a long look around prospective house no # 4... and declared it totally sound.
Nothing to worry about with brick and tile!

So we put an offer in on it, and should have a response from the Vendors sometime tomorrow.

We asked for a Solicitor's clause, effective for  3 or 5 working days, I can't remember now!

But... it's a totally sound house, we love it, we want it.  Fingers crossed!!!!!!!

 ABOVE:  waiting to get inside the house.

ABOVE:  Bex and Archer standing inside the master bedroom walk in wardrobe.  It's a really good size.

ABOVE: this is down the south-west side of the house, and would be where we have the dog run/poop area.

 ABOVE:  All the gardens are well looked after, and have concrete edging.  This one has nice rocks in it too.

 ABOVE:  While I'm not a cat person, I had to give this one a pet, it was a lovely, friendly cat in gorgeous condition.

On our way home I stopped in at Animates and bought a 2nd pet crate.  Coco has been sleeping in a much smaller travelling case, so I wanted her to have a better sized 'bedroom'.

ABOVE: I will put Coco in the bottom one, and Tallulah in the top one.  Talulah is the smaller dog, so she gets the smaller bed.

Poor Stewy is sick as a dog.  Coughing, hot 'n' cold chills, headache etc. Clearly I'm not looking after him... NOT.
It's just winter ills, they catch up with most of us at some point over winter.

Now... time to relax for a while before thinking about dinner.

Ha Ha!  No dinner.. just whatever you could find in the fridge/cupboard.  Perfect when one is tired.

Just had a wonderful chat with me Mum, it was her Birthday yesterday... but I didn't get a chance to natter to her yesterday.  So a good catch up tonight. 
Time to sign off for the day.


  1. Fingers crossed. A child is yours if you choice, not genetics.

  2. Golly... Love you dad X

  3. Damn... I missed that comment :) I'm loving your house hunting! Good luck for today :)

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  5. Woohoo fingers crossed for you!

  6. oh yay well heres to positive house thoughts and news to start a week off...

  7. Good luck with the house offer being accepted, it looks lovely. I hope Stew feels better soon, if he is still off tomorrow, he needs to stay home. There are lots of things going around and also, he also has suffered with all the house stress too, it may be his body's way of telling him to have a rest.

  8. I really hope this one works out for you! I'd die to have a nice big closet like that lol


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