Friday, May 20, 2016


Stew seems to think he will go back to work today.  I'm not so sure he should.  His cough last night sounded even worse, like it's going onto his chest.  *sigh*
So, I suppose we will see once he's up and moving around.

Today I plan on doing some more packing, and putting the last of the fragile stuff in one place, in readiness for taking down to the storage unit in Hamilton.

Our moving plans are firming up.  Wednesday the 8th of June the moving company arrives and packs and wraps and gets everything ready to load into the trucks.

Thursday 9th of June they load everything into the trucks.

We will spend the afternoon/early evening on the Thursday cleaning the house, then we will either get a motel here in Auckland, or we might drive to Cambridge and spend a night in a motel there.

Then on FRIDAY, 10th of June we get the keys to the new house, and meet the moving trucks and MOVE into our new home! 

It's getting very exciting... after so long, it's finally happening.  3 weeks from TODAY.

I still find it hard to believe we have bought that house!  I love it so much already.

So, that's all for now... I'm going to get busy with the housework, them sort more stuff to pack.


8.37 am:  And the man decided to stay home.  Well done.

Kids are about to leave for school, and I'm going to potter around the house.

I reckon Stew stayed home cos he's loving MORNING TV!  I've never watched tv in the mornings.... ellen is on right now and he sure seems to be enjoying it! lol
Meanwhile, I'm slaving away packing, packing, packing.  

Poor Stew just spent ages on the phone sorting out the insurance for the move, and the new house/contents.  What a mission!

MEH..... feeling ikkk.  Tired.  Just got too much going on in me head right now.

Going to bed early tonight.


  1. I think you have handled this move well by doing it in stages as you have. I am glad it is not me as we have lived in our house 40 years this December. I have been trying to organize and declutter if and when we ever need to move. If not it will make it easier on the children if they have to clear out after we are gone.

  2. Dammit stay home Stew, let yourself get properly better or you will end up even sicker :-)

  3. I'm so glad Stew stayed home. Now there's three days before work to get better.

    How exciting - moving in three weeks!!! I'm so happy too that you love your new home. You will finally be able to make it YOUR home, just how you like.


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