Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Today I have the purchasers of our home coming for a final inspection before settlement on the 10th of June.

It's fairly early for a 'final inspection', but apparently they want to measure up rooms for their furniture and so on.

It will give me a chance to talk them through various things in the house, like how to turn on the gas fireplace, the alarm system, how to open and close the Archgola curtains, how the spa works, and so on.  I've got quite a list!

Once that is done I can relax for a couple of hours before I have to take Tallulah for her post-op check up... her 3rd one.  Did I tell you she got an infection at her incision site?  Well, she did.
It's looking HEAPS better now I must say. So I'm not worried about her at all.  She has another 2 days of antibiotics, then she will be all good.

After that I want to put in the car lots of 'fragile' boxes that I have packed, and some of our pictures.  I'm getting another, smaller storage unit in Hamilton to put it all in.
I'm hoping to take 2-3 loads down there over the next few days.  Then I can leave all the rest of our stuff for the movers to take.

It is starting to feel REAL now!

Stew pays the deposit on our new home today... *squeals*!

 ABOVE: Mid-afternoon nap time for the girls...

 ABOVE:  Gay abandon.  Totally blissed out.

 ABOVE:  ??? Yeah, don't ask.
He has a little girl's headband/veil on his head.

ABOVE:  I packed all our wine glasses didn't I?  Steve and Bex bought their own, we had two tall glasses, and Stew drank his wine from a coffee cup!
Didn't matter, it was a very nice bottle of wine.

Right, I must go and start cleaning and polishing and tidying up in readiness for the 'inspection'.


Hee hee... I can now reveal WHERE our new home is....

 ABOVE: It is in Cambridge!  

Cambridge is a little town roughly 15 minutes from Hamilton.  We found the vast majority of homes in Hamilton were being sold by Auction, and homes were going for way over their expected price, thanks to Auckland investors.

So, when we lost our first two houses due to auction prices going too high for us, and the fiasco of the leaky home, we started looking in Cambridge.

Thankfully, Cambridge prices were not quite so ridiculous, and we managed to secure our new home there.

Cambridge is a lovely town, very pretty, lots of lovely, boutique type shops and it has a good High School for the kids.

ABOVE: This is a gorgeous church not far from our new home, and Weight Watchers hold their weekly meeting there on a Monday night.

I am going to attend that meeting every week just as soon as live there.  I'm really excited, as I feel ready to 'do it' all over again, and succeed.

It is COLD today, so I've turned on the heatpump, and will put the gas fire on once the people come to view their new home.

12.11 pm:  Well the inspection went excellently!
The buyers are just lovely.  I had a chance to take them all through the house, showing them how things worked. They were here for over an hour, which went really fast!

Now it's lunchtime, and I might get something for Stew and I now.  YES, poor darling is still home sick.  

6.24 PM:  And we have just loaded almost ALL of my 'fragile' boxes and paintings in my car, in readiness for taking to Hamilton Storage tomorrow.  
Things are ticking along nicely.

Time to feed the family, then relax for the evening.


  1. Cambridge is a lovely town I'm sure you will enjoy it. And it is still very close to Hamilton. Stew will probably have a shorter commute to work than he did in Auckland. Good luck with the move. Hopefully they have a Quilting Club too. If not there is one in Hamilton.

  2. I think Cambridge is a great option for you. Not a long commute for Stew and a great place for you all to live. I'm sure you'll make lots of friends there too. I think it's a wonderful choice :)

  3. I love Cambridge, it is one of our favourite places. It is also nice & close to Tirau which I think you will like.

    1. Yes, we love the shops in Tirau too! We lived in Hamilton 15 years ago, and Tirau was a 'happening' place even back then.

  4. I too loveeeeeeeeeeeee Cambridge. Its a great school and area for the kids to be teenagers as well. keeps them away from the hustle and bustle of Hamilton. Before you know it Griffin will be off making friends with kids on farms and having totally difference life experiences. YAY

  5. Oh Cambridge is lovely, exciting times ahead

  6. I wondered when I saw the photos and there was such a lovely backyard if it was in Cambridge. Love visiting one of the antique shops there. I know a quilter there and I think she holds classes-bought my longarm from them. Exciting times ahead.

  7. It has been ages since I've read or blogged. This is so exciting to read. Congrats on finally selling and finding a new home. It looks like it has so much potential. :)

  8. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Sounds lovely, I wonder what town it could be compared to her in Australia?
    I might have a Google!
    Exciting times a plenty!
    Sharnee, Melbourne Australia.

    1. Smaller scale of Ballarat. :)

    2. Thank you Bee!
      I know Ballarat, a lovely town albeit a tad cold!

    3. I figured being down that why you would know it :) I don't think Cambridge would be as cold as Ballarat. Both times I've been there I had to buy another jumper to get warm haha.

  9. A new start...,maybe a different kind of diet instead of WW taking all your cash?
    Have you checked out the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet by Dr Michael Mosley? I have been doing it for 6 weeks and have lost over 10kg. I invited you to my FB page but I know you hate FB LOL so here is a link to the website. You can reverse your Type 2 Diabetes.
    You know I write this as someone who has struggled for MANY years with her weight. Who has been and left WW a million times. This is a new way of eating for me.
    Love you Chris!

    1. Two reasons I stick with WW's. One: I know how it works, it's balanced and sound. Two: It's a good way to meet people, build relationships and get support from people in the same boat as you. So, I'll stick with WW. I can 'reverse' my Diabetes by cutting out most carbs and sugars as much as possible.

  10. Congrats chris luv Cambridge I was there on Sunday for a birthday lunch with a family friend ��

  11. Cambridge yes I too love being there and Tirau especially friends of mine have children attending Cambridge high school and love it.... glad the inspection went well and your things are now falling into place...

  12. Ps you are also getting closer to Taupo lol.


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