Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Not too much planned for today.

I will do the usual housework this morning, and make up more boxes for packing.
I hope I'm saving a shit load of money doing most of the packing myself!

I'm really proud of how much I've done on my own.  The guys (Stew, Steve and Griffin) have, of course, done all the heavy stuff like putting furniture into and out of storage.

I can't wait for this whole process to be over.
Imagine how good that will feel!

And it should be all done and dusted in about 4 weeks!  

17 sleeps until we are in our new home.  


It's not too early to start the countdown is it?  lol

Gosh it's so exciting!  

I'm taking Tallulah for a groom today.  She is all fluffy, which is great for winter, but she stinks.  While she was in her cone of shame she got even stinkier... ikkk.  Poor girl. She will no doubt feel the cold afterwards.
Coco's turn next week.

Something else I will have to investigate... where to take them for their grooming once we live in Cambridge.  Sheesh, there's so much to remember to do/organise.

Luckily, I'm a very organised sort of person *SMILES*


2.46 pm:  and the day has so far gone to plan.
Tallulah is now smelling lovely, and has a shorter coat, but not too short, or she would freeze.
I had a nice visit with Bex and the boys while waiting for Tallulah's groom.

Done some housework, totally boring.  
I'm making a yummy macaroni cheese for dinner tonight... with bacon and onion.  Can't wait, it's one of my favourite meals.

Dogs are not happy with me.
Because they had quite a lot of hair growth lately, the bark collars were not working.   So, they could bark.
And they did.

Any noise set them off.
If I moved off my chair, or bed, or out of a room, they would go ballistic with barking.  I got sooooo mad, I just took to them with the shaver and shaved their necks to the skin.

NOW I bet they won't bark!  Or if they do, they will get zapped.  Coco KNOWS what I've done.  Her ears are down and she keeps looking at me!

I can't bear it when they both bark like crazy over the littlest noise or disturbance in the house.  And I sure in hell don't want them barking all the time and upsetting neighbours.

Fingers crossed they both get zapped tonight and learn a lesson.  And stop barking.

I don't even feel mean doing it.  They are both crazy barkers.

Well... when Stew got home from work, the dogs would normally have barked and barked like banshee's.
Tonight?  Tallulah barked, and got zapped and jumped out of her skin, then slinked off.  Coco?  Nah, that clever tart didn't make a murmer.  
Clever is Coco.

So, hopefully we have some quiet times ahead.  I just have to remember to keep their neck hair clipped.


  1. what's the time distance driving from where you are to the new place?

    1. An hour and three quarters. So not too far to go.

  2. I'm so glad you are doing the "count-down". It really is exciting ! Hope they do a good job on Tallulah!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous3:11 PM


    Are Brylee and Griffin looking forward to moving and new school ? We all might hire you to help us move, you are doing so well !




    1. Yes they are looking forward to it... it's been so long coming they are totally ready for the move. Plus the new school has a pool, which they think is neat. I'm an expert at moving! I've moved 30+ times since I left home!

  4. I LOVE mac'n'cheesse. I put finely chopped up cauliflower in mine and on the top slices of tomato and spicy breadcrumbs.

  5. I have this picture in my head of Coco sitting in the corner like a sulky teenager glaring at you :-). Also like teenagers, once hunger sets in all will be forgiven.

  6. arg I need those for the night with my dogs. So annoying when they bark in the middle of the night.


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