Thursday, May 19, 2016


Well, even though he's still not well. ... Stew is going back to work today.  edit:  Scrap that, he's staying home and going to the Doctor's. Good idea I say.

And I am driving down to Hamilton too... with a load of 'fragile' boxed stuff.  And some of our paintings and pictures off the walls.

Once I've put it all into the new storage unit, I will probably be going over to Chartwell Square to get a little 'something' I saw a while ago.

I promised myself I would ONLY get it when we got a new house.  Hopefully it's still in the shop.

I will show you later IF I get 'it'.

Before I leave, I will take a photo of the interior of my car!  It's stacked to the gunnels...  it's going to take me a while to unload it all on my own, but I can do most things if I take my time.


Our bed is all wet!  Stew has been sweating so much his side of the bed is WET! I know he's a hotty, but really!  I hope the Doctor can give him something to get him well again.  But I have a feeling it's a virus, and all they will give him is panadol!  Time will tell.

Right, I'm gunna get ready to go.

11.24 am: very happy to say I got that special little something. And I've unloaded all the boxes in the storage unit in Hamilton. Now I'm in Cambridge.... met one of our new neighbours... lovely old chap named.... CHRIS😊  I wont be forgetting his name in a hurry!

2.53 pm:  Home.

Stew is on antibiotics till he is  better.
We now have a definite date for our move, as the people who own the Cambridge house are moving out a couple of days early.

So I'm in communication with the moving company, and it looks like we will be heading to Cambridge on the 10th of June!

That is in 22 days!  WHOOP WHOOP!
We will probably need to stay in a motel for only one night, excellent!

I forgot to take a photo of my car stacked to the gunnels with boxes and pictures.  Oh well... how about that special 'something' instead?

 ABOVE:  When I saw this painting a few weeks ago I knew it would be mine!  *smiles* 
I have the PERFECT place for it in the new house... as you go down the passageway, you turn left, and at the end of that part of the passageway is where it will go.

He/she will be staring at you as you round the corner!  So cute.  Needs a name?

Sorry BEX, it's MINE.  I know you love giraffes, but they only had one.

ABOVE:  While in Cambridge this morning, I had a browse around the shops, saw this gorgeous scarf and got it.  It's much colder in the Waikato, so scarves will be handy.

ABOVE: This is Mary, our estate agent here in Auckland.  I gave her a 'Thank You' gift yesterday.  A lovely apricot scarf, two blingy coat hooks and the little fabric box I made some time ago.

She loved it!  I love giving suprise gifts to people.

After some discussion, we have decided the giraffe is a girl.  LOL.  Clearly we have nothing better to do right now that ponder if the giraffe is a girl or boy!  *smiles*

And now she has a name:  Zambi.  (short for Zambesia, where giraffes live, among other places).

We have had a very nice evening.  Had a lovely long chat with me Mum.  She looked at our new home on the internet last night, and lucky she did because the Estate Agent pulled the ad offline today.  She loves our new home, I knew she would.  *smiles*


  1. Poor Stew, he definately needs to stay home probably for at last the rest of the week. If he does not give himself time to get better he will feel like shite for weeks and probably end up needing even more time off - trust me I used to do the same thing.

  2. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Oh poor grandad. Dantes at home from kindy aswell . He's still got temps, his bed was soaked of sweat last night to .
    Bex ☺

  3. Poor Stew and Dante too by looks hope it doesn't go thru the whole house u not need get crook now you have so much to do. X

  4. Ohhh get better soon Dante and Stew... I AM IN LOVE with that Giraffe just gorgeous. 22 days oh my that's soon fantastic.

  5. Christine3:39 PM

    So happy for you

  6. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Haha omg I want want that painting lol. It would look great on my wall haha but I don't steal so your safe lol. I borrow. Archers got the bloody cold now to lol. Darn it.
    Bex ☺

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      You can call her bex.haha Great name ☺

  7. Gorgeous painting!
    I agree! Call her Bex! That way it will feel as though they are there with you when you move away :)

  8. Isn't that giraffe meant to be up longwise? Not landscape... the clouds are going the the other way and the artist's signature is where you'd see it if it was hung portrait style... Cool painting :)

    1. a) It was hung like that in the shop.
      b) They are not necessarily clouds.
      c) The salesperson said it could be hung either way.
      d) For my purposes, it will be hung 'landscape'.
      e) If you have it the other way, the artist's signature is still sideways.

      Either way, it's gorgeous.

    2. Haha... yes it is gorgeous and I gathered it was hung that way in the shop :) I love the colours and yes, it's very you!!

  9. Love the giraffe, so you :-)

    1. Anonymous9:59 PM

      Nah it's so bex lol
      She needs a rhino

  10. Love the painting... she will look great we're ever you put 10 jume not long now... can't wait.

  11. Love Zambi. Get well quick wishes to all.

  12. Love the painting!


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