Friday, May 27, 2016


I got a phone call last night that had me shaking my head.

It was from a lady named 'Angel', she was working for a Real Estate Company in Queensland, Australia.

She wanted me to consider her offer of a 4 bedroom brick and time home, on a parcel of land ... in QUEENSLAND, Australia.

Why would I do that I asked her?  Because I must be aware of the crazy prices of homes here in Auckland, and so.. why not move to Queensland, Australia!

I couldn't believe an Australian company was doing cold calls to people here, trying to get them to buy their house and land packages, and move to Australia.

Enterprising I suppose.  I let her know I was not interested, and she hung up on me.


I'm going to Hamilton with a last load of fragile boxes and so on today.  I thought I'd taken it all last time, but no... I found more yesterday.
At least I will get to relax while driving.  It's a really nice drive.

I will also drop off the completed enrollment packs to the high school while there.


3.30 pm:  Well another good trip to the 'Tron'.  Unloaded the last of our fragile stuff, then took the enrollment forms to the school.  Like clockwork... tick tock tick tock.
Everything is falling into place.

I had lunch with Stew, which was nice.

Now home, feet up, fire on... BLISS.

It will be an easy dinner tonight.  Normal Friday line up... dinner, Coronation Street, then bed.  *smiles*

ABOVE: Just to remind myself!  LOL
Two weeks from now we will be sleeping in our new home!


  1. wow sounds like a scam to me. The prices of houses in QLD have gone through the roof. Where I live (Helensvale) which is in the northern suburbs on the Gold Coast especially. The 30+ yr old house next door to us, run down 3 bedroom, no garage, 1 bathroom sold last month for just under $500,000.

  2. I'd be asking where an Aussie Reality company got your details from? Cold call perhaps but also coincides with you using NZ real estate companies in recent weeks. Are they selling/sharing their database?

    Imagine you in the Qld heat - bwa hahaha :)

    Sadly Bee, new builds etc around Pimpama area as well as other areas are much cheaper than anything in Auckland.

    1. Didn't think about that... you are correct. Funny how they jam big house on little blocks. you can almost high 5 your neighbour lol. :)

  3. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Wonder if your dodgy real eastate friend passed on your details?

  4. I too wonder about the call from 'Angel'-sounds like a name that sends certain emails into Spam!!
    Enjoy your trip today.

  5. Christine3:37 PM

    Does the new house have a fire you can turn on to keep your toes warm????

    1. Nope. It's got a heat pump in the kitchen/dining/family room, and wall heaters in the bedrooms. I will look at getting a lovely fire in the lounge at some point I think.

  6. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Hope your ankle is OK! Glad things are falling into place (school etc). What a bizarre real estate call!!!

  7. Hope your ankle was ok today too, slowly surely things falling into place next is doctors dentists mail redirection etc etc eekkk I spent an afternoon ringing all my places of contact to save the HUGE price increase of the NEW mail redirection charges!!


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