Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Slept in!  I didn't sleep well. Bit of coughing still going on.

I will do a proper post once I get outta bed....

9.35 am:  right, I'm out of bed, tidied the house, and now I'm off to buy a birthday present for our youngest grandson, Archer.

He will be 1 on Thursday.  

My freakin' cough chooses the perfect time to act up... when I'm in bed, and when I wake up.

Oh and another thing making me cross... there is a small dog SOMEWHERE in our neighbourhood who barks NON STOP every morning.  It's been barking for about 3 hours already. 

I sure in hell won't miss that once we move.

At least I know it isn't our dogs.


Well I've been down the road to the mall and bought a present for the bub, and cards and paper... then I came home and did some housework.
And coughed.  And coughed some more till I threw up.  Nothing new there.

I will have to go out again soon as I've run out of Gees Linctus, which is the only cough syrup that seems to help.  

Well it's been a very quiet day.  My nerves are ramping up!  Tomorrow we either buy a house, or end up having to look for other options.
I'm off to bed fairly early tonight... so tomorrow gets here quicker!


  1. Wow - Archer is almost 1!!! It only seems yesterday we were waiting for your updates on him being born :-)

  2. Yes - that year certainly did fly by.

  3. Woah 1 that has snuck up because we have been engrossed in house move house open days and house sold! all the cuties are born in May ( mwah included lol)...

  4. Hope that cough settles. Good luck for tomorrow.

  5. Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary Chris so it's a lucky day. I hope you get your first choice of home. I will be waiting with bated breath for you to put up the good news

  6. Good luck for tomorrow. . Everythings crossed xx

  7. Good luck for tomorrow! So excited for you guys!

  8. Hope all your dreams come true tomorrow. Helen in France (and Ruawai)

  9. Anonymous11:01 PM

    All the best of luck for tomorrow! So excited for you all!

  10. good luck for tomorrow.

  11. When you look again, you'll be celebrating your first year in your new house, that's how quickly times goes.

  12. Christine12:34 AM

    Good Luck with the house. You will have to tell us all about the auction. I hope it goes well and you don't have any fierce competition. I was finally able to find some pork belly here in the US. I cooked it up last night. It was certainly yummy. I just had a little slice this morning, too. With french toast. I was out of town this weekend and saw they had it as an appetizer in a bar/ restaurant - so I tried that too! Noone I was with at the restaurant had ever had it before so I made everyone try it!

  13. Just wanted to wish you good luck for the auction, I hope you get the house you want. Looking forward to the pictures. Try and sleep or you will be like a rung out rag.

  14. Penny1:34 AM

    Good luck Chris and Stew, will be thinking of you! Penny xo

  15. Fingers tightly crossed xx


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