Monday, May 02, 2016


This afternoon I've got the first of three companies coming around to do a quote for moving our furniture and effects to Hamilton.

That should be interesting. You should see our garage!  It's full of stuff from the house, with little 'tracks' so we can get to the freezer etc!

The kids go back to school today, they have about 3-4 weeks left there, then we will be taking them out of school until we are moved and settled in a new home.

NEW HOME.   This week on Wednesday we are going to the Auction for our Number 1 and 2 houses.  I have nightmares worrying we won't get either of them.

Cos if that happens we will have to do a really quick regroup, and try to find something else we like enough to buy.    Time is ticking away on us.  If we are not careful we will have to camp out in a motel till we get a house!  Really don't want to be doing that.

Archer was in fine form last night, he had an empty fizz bottle and he was using it to hit Griffin on the head...

 ABOVE: He loves it when I get out my camera!

 ABOVE:  Griffin is such a good sport!  Baby hit him heaps of times, and laughed and squealed in delight while doing it.

ABOVE:  Griffin seems to have a really lovely rapport with babies and littlies.  
We are going to miss seeing these bubs so often once we move... *sad*.

OK I'm off to get the washing on, and tidy the house.  Because we haven't had to do Open Homes any more, I've been a bit slack in the housekeeping department!  
And I can tell...  I can't stand a mess!


11 am came and went... and I'm sitting here waiting, waiting ... for the furniture removal company guy to arrive to do a quote.  No guy.
So I ring and leave a message.  Nothing.  I text and leave a message.  Nothing.

12.09 pm:  a call ... "Oh sorry, I'm over on the North Shore right now, how about I come over around 3 pm?"

I said "Yes" ... but followed it up with a "Did you forget or what?"

Yeah.  He forgot.  Something tells me he might not be getting the job.  Being punctual and professional is high on my  expected standards.

I've now rung 3 more moving company's to get quotes.  

Nice way to start my day... getting crabby!

5.01 pm:  shit where did the day go???
Seriously, I thought it was about 2 pm... then I remembered that the kids were home from school and ... well... look at the time!

The first moving company guy finally arrived, and he apologised profusely for not remembering his appointment this morning.  He was good though, and I should get his quote via email soon.  His 'guess-tament' sounded really good.

I've heard from our Real Estate Agent Lou in Hamilton, she is expecting us on Wednesday.  I'm sooooo full of nerves.  I feel sick.

I've never been to a house auction before.  If we get the house I am in love with, I am going to be so happy to show you all!

WEDNESDAY.  2 more sleeps.  Or should I say, 2 more nights tossing and turning!


  1. How annoying, having said that, at least he admitted he forgot & didn't try some bull s@#t excuses. When he comes point out that when deciding which company gets the job, price is only part of the consideration, you want a company that is professional and efficient.

  2. What lovely pictures. Bex is certainly beautiful tonight. Griffin is turning into a sweetie -like Steve was (and still is) . I am so excited about the houses coming up. The right house at the right time! It will happen. Do the kids mind changing schools?

    1. Anonymous4:25 PM

      Naw thanks that's lovely webbsway

  3. hi Chris, house auctions are super-stressful and fraught. No question! I've only been to one house auction, when we bought our house 9 years ago, and I have a small piece of advice (not that you asked for it!!). Obviously you have to set a top limit you are prepared to pay BUT losing the house over a few thousand dollars would really suck! I feel we paid too much for our house one the day, but over 9 years later I just can't remember how much exactly and I really don't care less! As the years roll on and you have your dream house, it doesn't matter.....

  4. We bought our rental property at an Auction. It went for more than we wanted to pay but as has been said, over time that doesn't matter. Good luck, I do hope this goes well for you.

  5. Archer and Griffin so sweet and such a huge smile on both their faces... Everyone will miss everyone no doubt.Things are ticking along and before you know it WED will be here so try to get some rest because you lady are going to blow a valve otherwise..


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