Friday, May 13, 2016


Black Friday?  Nah, not for us!
It's a wonderful day... after the leaky house fiasco, every day is great right now!

Of course, we DO still have the stress of finding a new home and getting out of here by the 10th of June... but we have contingencies in place for most scenarios now.

I've got 4 lovely houses to look at on Saturday, and maybe we will make an offer on one of them and it will go swimmingly and all will be good?

It COULD happen... though any contract we sign now will have all the right clauses in it, and it will be checked by our solicitor before we go unconditional on anything.  AND we will give ourselves more time to make sure it's ok!

Man have we learnt some hard lessons this week!

But it's behind us now... moving on. 

And on that note I shall bugger off and do some housework.  I got some washing out of the washing machine two days ago, and have just realised it's still in the  laundry basket waiting to be hung out!  WHOOPS.  I will have to re-wash it now cos it's musty.  Ikkkk.


12.18 am:  Well I got to meet our solicitor today and I gave her a gorgeous bunch of flowers and a dozen donuts for the office morning tea.
She is just lovely, and we shared a big hug.  I couldn't thank her enough.

After that I came home and am now doing some housework.  Yaaaa.

5.38 pm:  I'm starting to get excited about tomorrow.  Maybe we will find the perfect house for us tomorrow?

If we do, we will make an offer, with all the 'clauses' and so on double checked!  *smiles*

Our 'friend' the estate agent in Hamilton has text me every day since the shit hit the fan, and she is asking when are we coming back to look at more houses with her?

I chickened out and just didn't reply.  If I were to reply, I am quite sure I would just blast her.
As Stew has said, no point going there.

Stew thinks maybe she was trying to look after OUR interests by making sure if the building inspection came out bad, the owners of the house had to fix it and lower the price?  Somehow I don't see it that way, not at all.  By giving them the right of repair, and denying us the right to back out on a builders report, I totally believe she was looking after the vendors, not us.

Luckily that is all behind us now, and I really should just let it be.  But I will never forget how it made me feel... the hell it put us through.

I'm looking forward to a nice quiet evening in front of the telly. 


  1. Positive vibes and sending them out to the universe THAT sure helps yay, and sometimes signing because you are rushed and have to clearly not an option take extra time and it will happen. AND think the homes you are going to THEY are in your old position stressing about selling!

  2. I can't wait to see more houses and such. I hope that house hunting can be fun again - not so scary!

  3. Yes, I agree - house hunting should be fun.

  4. Anonymous4:51 PM

    A big relief for you. Have fun looking at more houses, I am sure that the right one is out there!

    Mary in Tassie

  5. I go away for 6 days and have limited internet access and so much happens. Im so glad your issues are sorted. It sounds like your agent was looking after the seller not the buyer

  6. Good luck with tomorrow's search.

  7. So that she stops bugging you, just reply back that you are considering your option.

  8. Good luck! I'm becoming a master at blocking numbers on my phone.

  9. Makes me sick to think on. I think Steve should go with you to every house and bring 20 of his friends. And then your lawyer. And some random really critical guy. I dunno. I'm really sort of wondering "what next" at this rate, and I know it's not out of your system yet, either. :(


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