Thursday, May 12, 2016


Today is a new start to our house hunt.
I have a few houses on my list to look at on the weekend.

They are all brick and tile homes.

Funny that.

I've got a bloke coming here at 8am from Allied Pickfords... a moving company.  He's  giving us a quote on our move to Hamilton.

After that I will ring around the agents and make appointments to view houses on Saturday.
I already have one appointment locked down, so just need to co-ordinate the others.

I'm hoping we can get something signed up fairly soon, as we have to be out of here by the 10th of June.  Shit, that is only 4 weeks away.

At least this time around we will be getting any contract sighted by our solicitor before we  commit to it.  AND we will add every clause possible so our solicitor can get us out if necessary... (Builder's Report, Finance, Title, Lim, you name it!).  Huge lessons learnt from the leaky house debacle. 

Now, as for our 'friend' the Estate Agent... we are going to move on, buy a house and then think about where to go after that.  

We will probably just send her an email detailing how we felt over the leaky house situation, how we felt she did us wrong, how she used her additional Builder's Report clause to seemingly try to lock us into actually having to buy that house, and then just leave it.

She ain't no friend of ours anymore.


Moving company man has been and gone.
Kids are at school, and I have me feet up in the lounge with the fire on.  It's fairly cool in the house now.  
Winter really is here.

I've spoken to the receptionist at our solicitor's firm, and seems everyone in the office knows of the 'H*#*&# STUFF UP'!
The reason I rang them was because I intend taking a lovely bunch of flowers to our solicitor tomorrow, by way of a thank you for saving us from a disastrous situation. 
I reckon our solicitor's bill is going to be much higher than normal, but it is money well spent to get out of that contract.

I'm waiting for a parcel to be picked up by couriers, then I plan on going grocery shopping.  I keep putting it off... until we literally run out of food and loo paper!
I can do without the food, but NOT loo paper!  lol

I am a good girl, I did the grocery shopping.  It's something I really loathe, and sometimes people get cross with me cos I let everything run out before I do it. *sigh*  But, it's done now and I can relax for a while.

Me back is KILLING ME... I think I've pulled a muscle in my upper back.  Such a drag.

Well... it's been a very good day.  My fear and dread is all gone and it's back to 'normal' here.  I can't wait till the weekend when we go looking for our new home... on our own.  

I'm off to bed shortly... and expect to get a really good night's sleep.


  1. Wow! You have been through so much. I hope you find the perfect house and that (finally) things go smoothly going forward.

  2. Ditto on what Jeanie wrote.

  3. nice to read this post today Chris you sound so much chirpier nice to hear xxx

  4. I too have been putting of grocery shopping am going tomorrow/tomorrow night ugh! Bit cooler here too today. Glad house things got sorted and yes might be a tad more bill wise but not as expensive as house repairs or a lemon of a house.....

  5. Just to piss you off - not all real estate stories are bad. My niece listed her house last week on Tuesday, sold it unconditionally on Wednesday and bought a new house at auction today. Now that's fast!! Just need to get you sorted now :)

    1. Opps... I worded that badly!! I didn't mean "to piss you off" ... you know what I meant I hope :) I just want this all to be over for you - the stress must be so hard.

  6. I hear you totally re the grocery shopping! Here's a wee tip .... (Absolutely amazing service ... and you can write little comments for each item - so special requests are permitted. And .... if you want to save on delivery, just search the Trade Me messageboards for "countdown codes" and you will get some good savings. I very rarely pay more than $3.75 delivery. Worth every cent!

    1. Or select pick up service. That way you can get them to run around after all the usual stuff, then when you go to pick up your order, you can quickly grab the fresh stuff yourself. Willl certainly save you time and frustrations.

  7. I agree my old boss paid $6 for delivery service and did it all online, and they carried it to the door, and after awhile you add to favourites and they remember your selections so ordering gets easier and easier.

  8. I actually like grocery shopping - clothes shopping on the other hand - NOPE.

    1. Penny2:43 AM

      It's been said before - Tracy I think you are my twin?

      So glad you are out of that pickle Chris. Hope the house of your dreams falls in your lap. Penny xo


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