Monday, May 23, 2016


Today Stew is going back to work... for the first time in over 25+ years he had a full week off work because he was sick!

And he's not really 100% well yet, but he must be feeling much better to be heading back to work.  

Once the kids leave for school I too am heading to Hamilton, with another load of fragile stuff and lots of paintings/wall hangings.

After dropping it off at the storage unit, I'm heading over to Cambridge High School, to get the kids enrolled in readiness for when they start there... which should be the 13th of June.  

I will then meet up with Stew if the timing is right, to have lunch together before I head back to Auckland.

On my way out of town I shall be picking up a couple of chilly bins (on loan) from Kelly.  Yaaa, I don't have to buy one after all.  I've also got some clothes of Brylee's that she's outgrown for Rena.  

Quite a busy day planned.


Well... safely arrived in Hamilton... unloaded boxes and paintings at storage unit... then off to Cambridge High to enrol kids.

Then back to Hamilton to meet up with me darling for lunch.

It's rained non-stop since I left home. Dreary winter weather, but lovely and COOL.  I wonder how long it will take before I'm bitching about being cold?  lol

4.59 pm:  After arriving home mid-afternoon, I just felt so tired I lay down with the dogs and we all had a power nap!

I'm now ready to get some work done around here.  There's a mountain of washing to be folded and put away, dinner to prepare, vacuming, bla bla bla.

The house feels HORRIBLE now.  There are boxes everywhere, no pictures, no ornaments, it's barren!  Totally not my home anymore. It feels cold and uninviting.

Won't it be fantastic once we are all settled in our new home!

We spent a bit of time this evening drafting an email to 'that' Real Estate agent, who almost caused us to buy a leaky home.
While I want to hit 'send'... I hesitate.  Not sure why.
Will sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning.


  1. I love the phrase chilly bins. We call them coolers and I use mine year round as they protect food from freezing in the winter. However they are also only sold in the summer.

  2. Enjoy your day, take care on those roads with this wet weather!

  3. Drive carefully :-)

  4. Stay safe and enjoy your day.

  5. Thanks Marjorie! I was sitting here thinking WTF are chilly bins?!?

  6. Nothing better than finding new homes for your things in a new house! i bet you already have it all planned out too!

    1. Nope... I don't! I am just going to wait till we are there to sort it out. *smiles*

  7. Good to hear Stew is on the mend. How neat that you will be close enough to eat lunch on workdays with him.


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